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Super Smash Bros. Character eShop Sale Week 3: Pokemon and Metroid

The third week of Nintendo's ongoing eShop sale featuring Super Smash Bros. characters' games has begun, and this time around it's Pokemon, Metroid, and Wii Fit games that are discounted. Unfortunately, compared with the first two weeks, this week's selection is especially limited--there are fewer games on sale than there are playable characters from these three series in the new Super Smash Bros.

World Class Solitaire

Travel to exotic locales around the world with Maggie as she films a motion picture. Win beautiful movie posters and collect stamps from each great city you visit in this classic solitaire adventure. Travel around the world in World Class Solitaire!

Pretty In Pink

Grab a record, put on Culture Club, and head back to the nostalgic 80`s in the Pretty in Pink Hidden Object game! This is your chance to relive the memorable story of Andie, Duckie, Blane, and the rest of the cast's unforgettable characters, but this time their fate is in your hands. Will the rich-boy Blane capture the heart of not-so-popular Andie, or will she end up with her tragically-in-love best friend, Duckie?

Mon the Monkey

Help the monkey catch and eat as many fruits as possible to get to the next level.

Army Men II

Continue the saga of the plastic soldiers in Army Men II. The four factions -- Green, Tan, Blue, and Gray -- are still at war. There isn't a dominating army, but that's quickly changing. There are many powers at work in this strategic game. Magical portals into other worlds cloud the boundaries between what is real and what is plastic.

Das Dschungel Buch 2

How good is your memory?

Word Whomp Underground

The wacky gophers are back in Word Whomp Underground and they`re ready to take back their land one word at a time! Help them collect acorns and spare parts for their underground drilling machines by spelling as many words as you can before time runs out. Each acorn will power their machines and help them drill their way to the nation`s Capitol to demand their land back!

There Are More Than 50 New Hearthstone Grand Tournament Cards

There Are More Than 50 New Hearthstone Grand Tournament Cards Blizzard Revealed

Mystery in London

Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbeyeven the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! Gather clues and challenge the locals to unearth the truth behind a murderous past.

The Pirate Tales

Follow the adventures of Captain Caninbahl, Barley, Deckhand Dewey, Ruby Barnacle, and Planky the Parrot as they plunder their way through caves, underwater shipwrecks, and dangerous port towns. The Pirate Tales is a matching puzzle game, spanning 100 levels. Perform typical pirating duties, plunder treasure, and fight opponents in your quest to rescue Dewey's girlfriend, Ruby Barnacle.

Fat Fred

Grab the hamburger in 17 levels. Levels are rather simple. More directed towards kids.

Final Fantasy Show us Best Moment From Series

Final Fantasy Show us Best Moment From Popular FF Series

Tabby Tailor

The most important relationship for a young fashionista is with her clothing designer!

Oggys Whack

Use your hammer to whack all the cockroaches!

Motocross Champions

Motocross Champions - Your target is in the specified time in which you have to show a lot of possible tricks to achieve a good number of points!

Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart Collector's Edition

Investigating her parents’ deaths, Edwina rekindles a centuries old tale of love and revenge. End the curse of the severed heart!

Will 2015 be a Wii U Year?

Will Wii U be able to take a major market share in gaming industry this year? Find out in this article.

New Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games

There is now much more games available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. So for many Xbox gamers October starts great

Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat

Trick or treat! Now you have the unique opportunity to relive Halloween night! Are you afraid of ghosts? Can you get lots of tasty candy faster than your friends? Will you be able to fool an old witch? Find out in Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat, an exceptionally spooky puzzle game!

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