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Cute platformer logic game


Granny is in trouble, she needs your help to run her BBQ restaurant for the next 10 days. Take customer orders and meet the daily target before the time is up to stay in business!

Ed and his Inner Demons

The objective of the game is to unlock all the doors of Ed's mind while avoiding obstacles.

Angel Bothorius

Collect the feathers in level 1 to get bothorius his wings.

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman

Move BatMan with arrows keys on keyboard and punch your enemy with ctrl key


Get to work and evade a people on the way


search objects and use arrow keys to navigate

Maple Story

Go through the magical world destroying evils and collecting jewels.

Freaky Fun

The objective of this game is to help a little squirrel find his way back home through a dangerous world of wooden blocks and freaky creatures.

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