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Hopper 2

Hop on the platforms and jump over enemies. Keep hopping and hope you stay alive.

Spy a Solution

Complete 20 levels of climbing ladders and completing missions with packages and more.

Gone Postal

fast paced package throwing frenzy

Jungle Dave

Help Dave get out of jungle by collecting keys and avoiding flying bloodthirsty bats !

Alien Ufo

Save the small aliens, don't let them die and you will be a hero.

Buggle Stars

A platform game that starts off easy becomes increasingly complex later on.

Mr Piggy

Help Mr. Piggy to rescue his wife while avoiding the little creatures and obstacles of each level.

Joe Barbarian

Poor old Joe, he's completely in love with the most beautiful girl in his tribe...

Mr Don

Guide Don, a brave pig, through the dangerous levels and rescue the princess.

Eminem Mania

Help Eminem make his way on stage by avoiding the paparazzi, and pick up platinum plaques along the way.

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