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Tribal Wars

1: raid technics against wild hordes, as strong axe fighter roam through the nations to plunder towns. Just defeat them as a test...
2: clicking on a link, and the vast majority of the game is played through text based interaction, although the map and village...
3: graphical interaction. Players can interact with each other through in game mail, in tribal chat rooms, and on the external...
4: forums. A large number of TribalWars players also communicate through Skype or IRC.   A large portion of the game...

WWII Warfare

Developed by Playcomet for internet browsers, WWII Warfare is a free browser-based strategy game set at the height of World War II.

Galaxy Camera from Samsung

3G-enabled Galaxy 16mp Camera with Android Jelly Bean coming to AT&T...

Destiny Has Gone Gold, Ready to Launch September 9

Some good news for people that have been eagerly awaiting the release of Destiny. Bungie has now confirmed the game has gone gold If you haven’t heard what going gold means, it’s basically video game jargon for saying a game’s development is complete.

Why Xbox One is Better?

Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 released in near times to compete each other in the market. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss why Xbox one is considered as a better option than PlayStation 4. Hopefully, this article will help you to make your mind on what you are going to buy.

Guild Wars Speed Clears

Like I said in article before alot of people in Guild Wars searching for fastest way to get gold fast. Farm is good thing really but not best.Best way to get gold and unique items are Speed Clear

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team: A Great Experience for Fifa Lovers

Fifa is one of the most popular series worldwide with their Console and PC version. Earlier this year, Fifa decided to explore the android and ios arena and guess what? Yes, they are successful. Read the detailed review of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team in this article.

Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is Ultra rare to get

1: For many Battlefield fans this isnt good new. Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is "Ultra Rare" For many Battlefield fans this isn't g...
2: One Is "Ultra Rare" For many Battlefield fans this isn't good new. Battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is "Ultra Rare".  ...
3: by Electronic Arts.     Battlefield features new variety of gameplay that breaks away from the traditional...
4: For many battlefield fans this isnt good new. battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is "Ultra Rare" For many battlefield fans this isn't g...
5: For many battlefield fans this isnt good new. battlefield Hardline Xbox One Is "Ultra Rare" For many battlefield fans this isn't g...

Helldivers Review

1: you and your fellow helldivers fight together versus the three computer controlled enemies who are pushed toward Super Earth....

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Has a Release Date

For many gamers happy new, Carmageddon: Reincarnation Finally Has a Release Date

FIFA Best Rating Players

There is FIFA Best Rating Players


Tharsis looks great, as well, and it's loaded with things I need to control: a group of down-on-their-fortunes space explorers on an adventure to Mars, a spaceship with modules I can upset, dice that roll and bob and choose who lives and passes on. Be that as it may, it's excessively irregular and dangerous, making it impossible to be agreeable.

Quantum Break

Time control, fulfilling battle, and superpowers blend to make a refreshingly distinctive activity diversion.


Among the Sleep is an a few hour investigation overwhelming enterprise bound with repulsiveness components that you can serenely finish in a solitary sitting. A great part of the amusement's allure comes from child's one of a kind method for moving.

Far Cry Primal

You can play hours of Far Cry 4, inventing progressively ingenious methods to rid the Himalayas of despotic goons, however that’s whatever you remember.

Grand Theft Auto 6 On Its Way

We all were waiting for this news. Weren't we? Well, finally it is confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 or GTA 6 is about to happen and it is going to be available for us gamers within a very short time. Read the article to know about the plot, date and everything else.

League of Legends 2017 Season Update

1: a lot of cool gameplay, giving her the ability to play mind games and run bait and switches, so we’re leaning into...
2: punishing those who misread the situation. Deception and mind games won’t mean much to LeBlanc if she’s killing...

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