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The Blackwell Convergence

A new film opens to rave reviews, despite its bloody history. A beautiful uptown office remains unoccupied, despite its prime location. Help Rosangela Blackwell, and her spirit guide Joey Mallone, discover the sinister conspiracy that ties these events together in this exciting Adventure game. The Blackwell Convergence puts you in the middle of famous New York locations and wraps you up in an immersive mystery!

Ubisoft Announces the Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Ubisoft has finally announced its new game, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. The game is all set to hit the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and the PCs in early 2013.

Sony Flaunts PS4 Exclusive Destiny Mission

Sony has released a new trailer showcasing Destiny raid mission that will be exclusive on PlayStation 4 for a full year. The mission, called Dust Palace, is set on Mars and can only be played by those who have reached level 18 in the game.

Hyrule Warriors Review Roundup

Hyrule Warriors is now just about a week away from its release on Wii U. The first reviews have hit the web this week, a sampling of which we've gathered up below to give you some idea of what to expect. This mash-up of the Zelda and Warriors (known as Musuo in Japan) series was developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja, though Nintendo also had a hand in its development. It was originally conceived as being more like a Zelda game than a Dynasty Warriors one, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto stepped in and reversed that initial vision.


Huxley: The Dystopia is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is Real, Launching in 2015

The rumours were true. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is launching in 2015, publisher Capcom announced at Sony’s pre-TGS PlayStation press conference in Japan today. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The announcement follows a leaked listing on last week, which showed the box art and a screenshot from the game.

Batman Arkham Origins

Prove your worth as Gotham’s Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs in the new mobile game, Batman Arkham Origins. Fight your way through Gotham City’s most dangerous locales in this free to play brawler from NetherRealm Studios.

Help - Adding new item


Adding new item on Sheep Arcade is simple process once you know about item types. There are 4 main item types you can add on Sheep Arcade:

  1. News - News about games, game consoles and devices
  2. Games - Game description with screenshots, videos, release date, etc.
  3. Reviews - Game reviews which are detailed with screenshots and videos (there are also short reviews which you can add inside game)
  4. Devices - Here you can add device for example joystick, gaming mouse, new Wii controller, etc.

To chose which item type you want to add click on tab "Tags" select for tag type "Item types", chose desired type and click "Add record".

Adding games

When adding games, it is essential to differentiate between these types of games:

  1. Games with full description, these include: AAA Games, Console games, Android, iOS and other mobile games
  2. Games which have less info but are not playable online, these include: Shareware games and Downloadable games
  3. Online games which can be played online immediately, these include flash, html5 games.

Depending on which game you want to add, you need to chose platforms to which it belongs. To do this, on "Tags" tab chose "Platforms" and add all platforms for which game applies. If you are adding online game, you must choose only one platform which is "Flash". For flash games do not forget to add swf file on files tab. 

For shareware and download games chose either "shareware" or "download". For mmo games you can choose "mmo" as well as more platforms. For all other games you can add as many platforms as you want, for example following "platform" tags can be added:

Flash game:


Shareware game:


PC game:




Mobile game:


apple iOS

MMO game:






Previewing game

To preview game you can click on "Item details (click for preview)". Note that since preview link depends on game name, if you change game name after you click "Add record" you need to refresh browser with F5 in order to use preview link.



When adding screenshots best dimension is 1920x1080. Note that thumbs will be automatically added and deleting image will also delete thumb. To add featured image, choose as file type (on images tab) "featured" and add them as 800x450 images. 


You can add unlimited number of features your game has. You can decorate it with screens using Insert->template as described below (first you need to add screenshots/videos). 

Youtube videos

For you tube videos you simply use youtube embed link in format:


Adding videos and screenshots in long description

Only correct way to add video or screenshot inside long description or in game review/guide is through "Insert->template" option. Please do not resize or otherwise modify inserted video/screenshot since it will be automatically resized with responsive html design. Failure to follow these rules will make your game rejected. Also, do not choose thumbs from templates since they are low quality.

Adding reviews/guides/news

You can add short reviews guides and news inside each game. Note that this is intended for shorter news, guides and reviews. If you want to write complete 2-3 page review with screenshots, videos, etc. you must add it as new item and choose "review" for item type. Also in that review (news/guide) it is good idea to add custom tag on "tags" tab which is same as game name for which review is written. For example if you write a review for game called Battlefield, you can in review item add custom tag called "Battlefield" so it will be linked with the game itself.

Item approvals

Your item (game, news, review) will be approved within few days of submitting. If it is rejected we will suggest what was the problem with the game, or in some cases we will correct the errors and accept it. We reserve right to modify/correct any item to fit our policies before we accept it. If you are developer almost all of your games will be accepted. If you are online games portal you will probably need to add also our games in most cases in order for your games to be accepted. Excessive ads and links to your portal will result in rejection of the game.


Sengoku IXA

Ea, Ubisoft, and now Square. All the big names in gaming seem to be expanding to the OSG market.

Dark Souls II

The unique old-school action rpg experience captivated imaginations of gamers worldwide with incredible challenge and intense emotional reward

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