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Flat Out

1: weight of the car as it collides with and destroys a barn, or smashes into the pack of cars ahead of you, and with 40...

Tricked n' Tuned: West Coast Streets

Wanna race? Tricked n' Tuned: West Coast Streets is the newest customizing, fast-paced, outrageous, hi-tuned racer from the developer of the best selling Midnight Outlaw and Hot Rod racing series. Racers start with a hacked out beater and build their rep and car through some of the most insane drag racing challenges ever created! Take on rival gangs, evade speed traps, crash through and over obstacles, and push your car to the limit on 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, and full mile drag courses!

Safari Biathlon Racer

Safari Biathlon Racer is a wild race between powerful turbocars of the future, over racetracks on three different planets!

The Crew: Coming on This December

The Crew; Racing game of Ubisoft is coming to take your breathe on this December. Are you ready to ride on the fast wheels?


1: Co. City Racer has a different style with other MMO Racing games and it'll make you experience real-type racing with...

Fast 2 Furious Street Racers

1: Fast 2 Furious Street Racers - If you are a freak to fast cars, car racing and such similar stuff then you must be aware of 2 Fast...
2: Fast 2 Furious Street Racers - If you are a freak to fast cars, car racing and such similar stuff then you must be aware of 2 Fast...
3: 2 Furious Street Racers - If you are a freak to fast cars, car racing and such similar stuff then you must be aware of 2 Fast 2...

Race Cars: The Extreme Rally

Drive the super fast race cars and see if you could have been or perhaps still can become the world's best racer. This fabulous 3D game will put you to a test of speed and skill. With 12 fastest race cars to choose from, a number of bonuses to help you win and various difficulty levels to help you improve, participate in over 50 tournaments and win the grand prix. Compete on a variety of race tracks in different weather conditions and climates and prove that you are really fast and furious!

New Car Net Racer

1: Drive a car with your mouse...

New Car Racer

Race around the track against your computer opponent but don't fly off the grass or you'll explode.

Ultimate Street Car Racer

Choose one of three modified road cars to race down the drag strip and see if you have got what it takes in the Ultimate Street Car challenge.


Racer - Let us get going in this one! This is a game that allows you to drive your car with the mouse.

Crash Time II

Solve various exciting and surprising criminal cases on the streets as member of the autobahn police force - or freely explore the open game world on your own while chasing frantic racers. With fully destructible cars, arcade gameplay, outstanding graphics and stunning slow-mo effects, Crash Time II puts you right in the driver seat, ready to burn rubber.


rFactor offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, advanced graphics, and the height of racing realism.

Superstar Racing

Attend to Global Tournament which follows the real world F1 competition and see are you the one who wins the Superstar Racing Championship of the year! Shop new clothes to your character, buy upgrades to your car and participate to special community events. Complete all Level Tasks and Achievements, race hard and finally you become rich and famous Superstar Racer!

Remastered Burnout Paradise vs Original Early Graphics

1: in 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and 2009 for Microsoft windows. Since then, there have been many changes and players...

Quantum Rush

mediuOur goal is to make the Quantum Rush racing experience - the game with speeds up to and beyond the sound barrier, mounted weapons and collectable power-ups, gravity-defying, customizable racers and exciting race tracks on earth and in space - accessible to everyone.

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

The game offers various intense race modes to allow you to showcase both your driving and battling skills. PAM features an accessible physics-based driving model that allows you to sense the immense speed of all the post apocalyptic vehicles as well as feel every bone-jarring impact from both weapons and the tracks. Play single-player or battle up to five friends in online multiplayer mode.

Car Town

Car Town is Facebook's newest addicting game - Farmville or Mafia Wars for car people. Car Town lets you earn money, points and cars by racing, working on your friends cars, car shows, etc. You can even make custom decals for your cars or add premade custom decals. Everyone wants hints, tips, tricks and cheats but up.

Project Cars Now Swerving Into PS4, Xbox One

1: Into PS4, Xbox One This for a sure one of the best driving games coming this week for multiple delays. Project Cars Now...
2: Into PS4, Xbox OneThis for a sure one of the best driving games coming this week for multiple delays. This week in...
3: game, Bandai Namco launching one of the best hyper realistic games called Project Cars and they launching it for PlayStation...
4: game and unlock even more. Who do that he getting he W motors Lykan HyperSport, as part of the developer’s DLC...

Cocoto Kart Racer

Cocoto isnt just a great racer hes a great racer with attitude. Even so, hes going to need to earn and use the numerous power-ups available in the game to compete with the meanest, and baddest bosses of them all Glabooh and Zaron. Cocoto Kart Racer is big on fun, big on style and big on competitive high-speed racing. A new gaming icon is born and his name is Cocoto!

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