Reiten Star 3 7

Mario Star Catcher 2

Help Mario catch all the stars you can.

Master Jings Catch A Falling Throwing Star

Train with Master Jing as you snag throwing stars from the air!

Kirby Star Scramble

Fly in the air and get as many stars as possible.

Star Girl Dress Up

Give this cute girl a new look!

A Little Star Dressup

1: will begin her first performance in stage. She looks a little bit nervous. Be confident!...

Super Star Maker

Shes a mega star in the making! Dress her up for a celebrity mag shoot!

Avatar Star Sue 2

Help Sue choose a nice outfit for her.

Rock Star

This rock star is sure of herself and dresses to show it.

Avatar Star Sue 3

Sue needs your help. Pick a nice clothes for her.


You are the owner of the magnificent city of Svetlograd. Your rule is fair and your people are happy. Recently, however, evil imps have been ransacking your possessions and scaring your people! To eliminate the nasty monsters, you set up a cannon outside the city. Upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful, use an assortment of wild bonuses and find ancient treasures hidden throughout the levels. Become the hero of the magnificent city of Svetlograd!

Star Defender III

The Insectus are preparing to swarm again. Human forces are still weak from the last battle. Now they have bigger bosses blocking your way at every turn. Your newly crafted wares and technology might be enough to destroy their last stronghold, but you will need to use your speedy reflexes to get the upper hand.

Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star

Track down an incredible jewel in Jewel Quest – The Sleepless Star! Help Percy Park on an epic quest through two continents! Percy discovers that the jewel has been stolen from a Native American village by an unscrupulous jewel collector! Progress through a beautifully illustrated and fully voice-acted story that includes collectible power-ups and quest options filled with your favorite Match 3 gameplay.

Fashion Star

Step into the cut-throat world of fashion design with Fashion Star. Take the role of an upstart, freelance fashion stylist, taking jobs as they come for the hottest magazines in town. Hire models, buy clothes, and head for the photo shoot! Just make sure you listen to what each magazine editor wants, or you`ll be out on the street faster than you can say, `Auf Wiedersehen!`

3 Stars of Destiny

The evil orc Ozur has discovered some powerful energy that will make him completely and totally unstoppable! It’s up to you to prevent Ozur from gathering this energy as you quest to the 3 Stars of Destiny! Customize your character’s abilities and skills in this exciting role-playing game. Explore mysterious lands as you travel far away from your home and finally confront Ozur. Can you stop his evil plan?

Star Defender 3

Defend the planets from insect invaders in a fast action space shooter that'll keep you coming back for more.

Escape The Emerald Star (TM)

Escape an abandoned ship and make it to dry land in a daring adventure to stay alive.

Jewel Quest - The Sleepless Star

Join the search for an amazing gem with a fantastic follow-up in the hit jewel-matching experience.

Namco All-Stars by Namco - Dig Dug

1: classic arcade hit with fun new surprises. Dig Dug returns with all of the pest pumping action of the original arcade mega-hit....
2: pump and inflate them until they pop, or squish them with falling rocks to rid them from your garden. Watch out for their...

Star Crossed Love

1: strange way as it doesn’t work as the rest hints in the other Games, you are used to. For me this was a good thing as the game...
2: will probably annoy you the most is the inventory system. The Games inventory is located on Julia’s backpack, and the area of...


Catch the fever with an excellent rendition of the world famous arcade classic!

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