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Puyopuyo Bowl

Put on your bowling shoes and hit the strike!

System Mania

In System Mania, you help Fiona realize her dream of running her very own fix-it shop. This fast paced Time Management game has Fiona Keeping over 80 crazy machines running smoothly by quickly turning their red warning lights off. Each machine is made up of various fun and wacky controls such as cranks, pull cords, guitar strings, egg timers, gearsticks and even a TV game system complete with its own joystick. Be quick or the whole thing will go up in smoke!

Lucky Boot

Well the goal of this funny game is to throw your shoes at the president.

Shopping with Mom

Pick some fancy shoes, clothes and accessories on the right side to see how they would look!

Sonic Maze Craze

Sonic has lost his shoes in the desert mazes of Sand oasis.

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Step into Frederic Chopin's shoes in Frederic: Resurrection of Music. Dive into this magical journey as you battle your opponents in musical duels. Play through ten catchy arrangements of Chopin's greatest classics. Laugh till your stomach hurts with an hour of animated comics. Challenge your friends to multiplayer battles and practice your skills to perfection.


A realistic, fast-paced 3D bowling game - all controlled by the flick of a mouse. Enjoy amazing pin physics, three unique alleys, four hilarious commentators, and over a dozen customizable bowling balls. You can even customize your own 3D bowling ball with an image from your hard drive. This game has attitude. No rental shoes required!

The Odyssey - Winds of Athena

Follow one of the most famous stories ever written as you retrace the route of Ulysses in his attempt to return home from the Trojan wars. Incredibly realistic water current behavior will amaze and challenge you as you use your godly powers to protect the Hero's fleet.

Garden Girl Painting

Coloring the cute little girl using the colors you like for her clothes, hair and shoes! Have Fun.

The Seawise Chronicles - Untamed Legacy

Challenge goblins, elves and other strange creatures to save your family in a magnificent adventure through the world of Harmonia.

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