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Super Time Force

1: endless supply of propane tanks. Zoey from Left 4 Deadhas taken a break from slaying zombies to hop through time with the...
2: control of time itself, bending and stretching it to your advantage on the battlefield.   Each Member of the Super Time...
3: or beating up hippies, Team Fortress 2′s Saxton Hale tags along as the Super Time Force’s resident...

Farm Mania - Hot Vacation

Join Anna and her grandparents in a farming challenge around the world with an all-new adventure in the hit series.

Babysitting Mania and Nanny Mania 2 Combo Pack

1: can be performed with a single click whereas some have several stages to them such as gathering laundry, putting it in the...

The Island - Castaway

1: – Castaway is a new game that uses that theme fully in its advantage integrating everything good that exists to use for creating...
2: tasks to do however you want them done. This is in the later stage of the game pretty useful, as in the first couple of...

Frontline: Fields of Thunder

As the largest tank battle of all time, Kursk was the ultimate battle of the titans. It caused the global powers to focus vast amounts of resources on improving the design and production of their tanks, representing the last great conventional arms race b

Nancy Drew - The Creature of Kapu Cave

1: crops on the big island of Hawaii. Luckily, Nancy Drew has taken an internship there to study insects and is now on the...

Treasure Masters, Inc.

Join a globe-trotting team of treasure hunters for fantastic hidden object fun.

Wandering Willows(TM)

Explore a whimsical world teeming with wonderful wildlife and challenging quests.


1: Access and made its way into big wide world! Development has taken five eventful years. I still remember taking our first...
2: XCOM: Enemy Unknown was even longer back. This process has taken a lot longer than anyone expected it to, myself included....
3: the *average* player had put 45 hours into the game each (taken from everyone who ever fired up the game on Steam). Not...
4: These hits are assigned based on the weapon accuracy percentage rather than the position of the target, assuming it is...
5: and UFO can perform special actions which can give them an advantage in combat. For instance, human F-17 interceptors and light...

Double Pack 4 Elements(TM) and Around the World in 80 Days(TM)

Get two fantastic Match 3 adventures for one low price.

Hotdog Cooking

A perfect day for go outside, a perfect day for get some fun, a perfect day to cook and eat some delicious hotdogs.

Paris Mahjong

Join Marie for an exciting day while playing Paris Mahjong. When Marie woke up this morning, she had no idea what an exciting day awaited her, and neither did you! Join her for a chaotic, action-packed day full of crazy coincidences in the French capital of culture. Paris Mahjong is a fun-filled Mahjong puzzle classic with 60 enchanting puzzle levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a puzzle pro pitting your skills against Adventure Mode, it’s all up to you and your mahjong might.

Twisty Tracks

Combining action and puzzle, rotate sections of track to keep your train on the right path towards collecting treasure!

My Fantasy Wedding

Plan every aspect of your big day-from choosing that special someone to your dress, cake, flowers, music, and more!

Battle Penguin

A long time ago, penguins lived in peace and harmony on the ice floe... Then, the demonic Pingui got the power killing the Emperor. Since this day, the penguin society is in decline. The anarchy is now reigning on the ice floe... Only the strongers can survive...Train your penguin and fight with the others gamers. Breast monsters, and realize quests. Buy him a weapon, an armour, jewels, become stronger day after day... Can you survive on the ice floe?

Sony is Focusing More on PlayStation to Earn Profit

PlayStation is the new cash cow for Sony as they are planning to earn huge from this sector of their business. Read the full article to know how.

Gourmania 2 - Great Expectations

Serve up a smorgasbord of seek-and-find fun in this tasty challenge.

Might and Magic:Duel of Champions

On first login, a new player gets a Starter Deck from the faction of his choice. When he progresses into the game, he'll acquire more Cards to modify his Deck or build new ones.

Moai: Build Your Dream

Restore a ravaged island to its former glory!

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