Turtle Odisea


Turtle Odyssey

Help a brave little turtle get his shell back in this exciting adventure. Ozzy the turtle has been selected to track down stolen talismans and capture the thieves. Help Ozzy battle devilfish, sea hedgehogs, and a host of other strange undersea creatures along the way. With more than forty levels of fun, there's enough adventure here for everyone. Dive in and start your Turtle Odyssey today!

Lime Odyssey

The adventure to discover the LIME of legend's treasure. The forgotten old story has become our actuality. LIME ODYSSEY is your story that has just started to become an exciting adventure on the rough, difficult, and strange continent. After, you get special powers by some unfortunate accidental event. In the splendid LIME ODYSSEY's first chapter, you will be the main actor of this story as one of turga, human, pam tribes with special characters.

Double Pack Fishdom(TM) and Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey(TM)

1: is over when all of the gold tiles are earned. Some tiles are silver, and these squares must be matched over twice to clear....
2: gauges for fish, beauty, and comfort will earn you a bronze, silver or golden trophy. You will be spending a lot of that cash...

Turtix 2: Rescue Adventures

1: and save young turtles from their demise in this Platformer arcade game. Help a heroic turtle navigate three gorgeous game...
2: mission to capture toddler turtles in this side-scrolling arcade game. Use your brain to eliminate traps and obstacles...
3: save young turtles from their demise in this Platformer Arcade game. Help a heroic turtle navigate three gorgeous game worlds...
4: Arcade game. Help a heroic turtle navigate three gorgeous game worlds dripping with detail. Block the bad guys on their...
5: to capture toddler turtles in this side-scrolling Arcade game. Use your brain to eliminate traps and obstacles while...

Turtle Snake

The original game of snake has got a new twist in the form of Turtle Snake, now its got the body of a turtle but crawls like a snake.

Turtix - Rescue Adventures

Help a heroic turtle navigate three gorgeous game worlds dripping with eye-tickling detail. Thrill to exciting action sequences that challenge you to take out a variety of enemies with your acrobatic acumen. And use your brain cells to eliminate traps and obstacles in an effort to rescue hundreds of young turtles from the grip of the bad guys. With easy-as-pie controls and a tutorial that will show you the ropes, you'll be up and running in a snap!

Deep Sea Tycoon 2

Quest through 30 missions of colorful ocean reefs. Explore Turtle Cove, Dolphin Bay, Seahorse Harbor, and many more exotic locations! Swim with the whales, ride the seahorses, play with the dolphins, and feed the turtles. With so much to do and see, you'll literally lose yourself to the hypnotic sounds and dazzling lights in a world of humour and mouth-watering animation!

Big City Adventures Double Pack

1: But frankly this coin can show its true potential in the later phase of the game. But like the previous part had that issue...

The Odyssey - Winds of Athena

Follow one of the most famous stories ever written as you retrace the route of Ulysses in his attempt to return home from the Trojan wars. Incredibly realistic water current behavior will amaze and challenge you as you use your godly powers to protect the Hero's fleet.

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey is an inspiring story about a girl named Megan who wants to change her life. She’s had enough of living in a busy metropolis and decides to buy an old house on a Tropical Island. Well, nothing in life ever goes as planned; the house she just bought has seen better days. But just when Megan is about to give up, she gets an idea that will change her life: underwater pictures! Help Megan dive into the tropical waters and make her dream come true!

SpongeBob's Obstacle Odyssey

Dive into a 3D undersea adventure!

Shaman Odyssey - Tropic Adventure

1: and build a new safe place to live in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic adventure, an exciting Time Management...
2: place to live in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure, an exciting time Management...

Amnesia - The Dark Descent

Stay in the Light...

A Vampyre Story

Discover Draxsylvania!

The Swapper

Dropped into a character and world as mysterious as the workings of the device itself, The Swapper is a game of exploration of a very personal nature.All of the art in The Swapper is constructed using clay models and other everyday materials.


Turtix didn't know what would happen when he tried casting a powerful spell without the supervision of his teacher. He lost control, and now things are even worse than he knew! He needs your help! He must find the pieces of a shattered amulet, and help save all the young turtles who were captured in the chaos. Guide Turtix through his world in this charming side-scrolling arcade adventure.


Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios, developed and maintained by an action and adventure game is played in teams.

Dorys Dash

Guide Dory safely pass the obstacles and then hitch a ride on the shells of Crush's turtle friends.

Jungle Master

Jump on the hills while collecting fruits and avoiding the deadly turtles.

Turtle Herder

Direct the lost sea turtles into the beach. Use your mouse to guide the kayak.

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