Turtle Odisea

Turtle Odyssey

Help a brave little turtle get his shell back in this exciting adventure. Ozzy the turtle has been selected to track down stolen talismans and capture the thieves. Help Ozzy battle devilfish, sea hedgehogs, and a host of other strange undersea creatures along the way. With more than forty levels of fun, there's enough adventure here for everyone. Dive in and start your Turtle Odyssey today!

Turtle Snake

The original game of snake has got a new twist in the form of Turtle Snake, now its got the body of a turtle but crawls like a snake.

Lime Odyssey

The adventure to discover the LIME of legend's treasure. The forgotten old story has become our actuality. LIME ODYSSEY is your story that has just started to become an exciting adventure on the rough, difficult, and strange continent. After, you get special powers by some unfortunate accidental event. In the splendid LIME ODYSSEY's first chapter, you will be the main actor of this story as one of turga, human, pam tribes with special characters.

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey is an inspiring story about a girl named Megan who wants to change her life. She’s had enough of living in a busy metropolis and decides to buy an old house on a Tropical Island. Well, nothing in life ever goes as planned; the house she just bought has seen better days. But just when Megan is about to give up, she gets an idea that will change her life: underwater pictures! Help Megan dive into the tropical waters and make her dream come true!

The Odyssey - Winds of Athena

Follow one of the most famous stories ever written as you retrace the route of Ulysses in his attempt to return home from the Trojan wars. Incredibly realistic water current behavior will amaze and challenge you as you use your godly powers to protect the Hero's fleet.


Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move, and use the blocks to stop yourself.

Orbox B

Another version of the puzzle game Orbox!

Turtle Bridge

Carry baggage from the left bank to right bank and return!

Turtle Herder

Direct the lost sea turtles into the beach. Use your mouse to guide the kayak.

Turtle Shot

Hit the turtle as far as possible by bashing it with your hammer.

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