Video Gamers Homemade Gifts 2

Santa Ball

Bounce through the wall and collect as much gifts to play the next level.

Holiday Express

Celebrate the holidays by delivering colorful presents on the Holiday Express! You'll need to arrange the gifts to fill up the train and reveal festive photos! Youll also enjoy falling snow, bonus rounds and jolly music in this great holiday-themed game. Theres two play modes and new photos are downloaded automatically so youll have plenty of fun for the holidays. Plus, you can even add your favorite photos right into the game!

Santas Oddysey

The goal of this very cool game is to bring 3 gifts of Santa to the tree.

Pink Car

How fun! At last, a car game for girls. Move the cursor to get all the gifts you can.


Help Cupido catapult gifts at the lover and collect points before the time's up!

Christmas Mahjong

On this wintry night you can plunge into the magic of the traditional Christmas story in the spirit of Dickens and play mahjong in six unique locations! Earn trophies and use special golden tiles and rare wandering tiles to earn more points on your rise to victory. Complete over 100 unique levels in six unique locations, discover classic and dynamic layouts, and collect heaps of gifts on Christmas night! Give yourself the gift of Christmas Mahjong and all the trophies will be yours!

Christmas Charlotte Dressup

Dress up Charlotte in Santa Claus outfit so she could deliver all Christmas gifts.

Antique Road Trip 2 - Homecoming

Make your new shop a success as you continue the search for classic gifts of Americana.

Draw My Thing

Open any game on Facebook and you're sure to see energy bars, neighbors, and free gifts. Whether set in a city, farm, restaurant, or the wild west, most games on Facebook simply fail to stray from the game formula Zynga made so popular. As a result, these similar Facebook games are all starting to feel a little stale. But there are a few games that depart from that model entirely. OMGPOP's Facebook game, Draw My Thing, is one of those incredibly fresh games.

Gift Delivery

Help Santa deliver gifts to the sleeping children in 11 houses before time ends!

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