Zuma Deluxe Sapinho Gratis 3


This is a funny pinball game that mixes zuma and pinball into one addicting and fast arcade/puzzle game

Sushi Zuma

Shoot at groups of items of the same kind and make them disappear.


Shoot the puff balls and connect 3 or more as they roll along the pathways in this Zuma styled game.

BonBon Foliz

Shoot your colored balls next to others of the same color to make 3 or more disappear.

Lucky Balls

Shoot the balls to form packs of 3 or more.

Coloured Balls

Help Picachu match the coloured balls before its too late.


Destroy the balls on the approaching snake by creating colored groups of three at a time.


Play this kind of circle-tetris game.

Fruit Twirls

Group three or more the same fruits to eliminate them before they all fall down.


Shoot the colored monster like next to others of the same colors.

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