Zuma Deluxe Sapinho Gratis 5


Jump right into the intense combat of this free-to-play, first-person shooter.

Asda 2

Step into a world filled with fantasy and adventure in this free-to-play MMORPG.


This free-to-play role-playing game lets you take on a host of evil monsters, engage in thrilling PvP combat, and discover a vast fantasy-themed game world.

Scarlet Legacy

Scarlet Legacy is a free-to-play MMORPG full of fantasy and challenges.

Microsoft Flight

Explore Hawai’i from a bird’s perspective as you fly some of the most iconic aircrafts through the air with precision controls and detailed environments

Canaan Online

Canaan is a free to play MMORPG flash browsergame showing a fantasy universe in manga style. Create your own character and choose between four classes: warrior, ranger, magician and shaman. You will surely meet a lot of people while playing this game! Capture and tame mighty companions, who will support you during your battles in this fantastic world full of adventures. Canaan ist free to play and don’t requires a client , it’s a pure MMORPG browsergame.


Molehillempire is a free browsergame, a good combination of strategy and economy simulation game located in your own little garden.

Castle of Heroes

Castle of Heroes is a free to play strategy MMORPG taking place in a medieval, fantasy universe.Castle of Heroes is a Flash Browser game that requires no download and no subscriptions. Enjoy Castle of Heroes, the free online game on your PC and Mac!

Crowns of Power

Crowns of Power is an exciting new MMORPG, consisting of two servers populated by thousands of players from all over the world.

Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a Free Multiplayer Online Game featuring three types of worlds with thousands of other real players.


Welcome to the online game mega tycoon Now, for free, trade, rule, produce, buy, sell and build your own empire! In this unique and free game you have the choice to complement the business, in politics, and / or yourself to work in the underworld! Sign up and play against (and including) 1000 and others!

Ancient Realm

With 1000's of online games, so many take you to the past.

Fields of Glory Online

Play Free Online War Games directly from your browser, no download or installation needed, just click Instant Action and play, but for full game experience, register for free. Create war tanks from different parts, upgrade them, assign drivers. Develop new abilities to your drivers: Reaction, Accuracy, Survivability. Lead your army against other players or bots, on realistic real time battles. Also ability to observe other players in war.

Dark Warriors

Welcome to Dark Warriors, THE BIGGEST BROWSER MMORPG!


HoboWars is a popular free online game where you play as a hobo and compete against thousands of players from around the world to become one of the strongest and richest hobos in the city. It is played directly from your browser and is totally free. You can fight other hobos, train, join a gang, explore, race in your very own shopping cart, own and train rats, beg for money, complete fun adventures, and heaps more!

Pocket Planes new Game gains iPhone 5 support for iOS

NimbleBit has announced that have launched a great Mac game called "Pocket Planes" which supports both iPhones and iPads.

Time Warner to offer charging stations and free Wi-Fi to NYC

Time Warner equips its vehicles with mobile charging stations and free Wi-Fi so the New Yorkers could access the web and charge their devices…

Get a Free Wii U Version of Disney Infinity If You Already Own it for Wii

"Disney Infinity launched one year ago, and in that time the number of Wii U players has significantly expanded," Vice President and General Manager of developer Avalanche Software John Blackburn said in a press release. "Given our commitment to compatibility for our players, we wanted existing Wii owners to be able to experience the Wii U version of the first game for free. With the upcoming launch of the 2.0 Edition of Disney Infinity we want all Nintendo players to experience the game's Wii U functionality."

Buy an Xbox One Next Week And Get a Free Game of Your Choice

If you're in the market for a new Xbox One, you may want to wait until next week to make your purchase. Microsoft today announced a special Xbox One promotion where anyone who buys a console September 7-13 will get a free retail game of their choice.

Whoops, Someone Forgot to Double-Check Driveclub's Box Art Text

Developers can release patches as soon as a game launches in order to fix any lingering issues it may have. Unfortunately for Driveclub, it suffers from one problem that can't be fixed in that way: an error on its box art.

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