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History tells that centuries ago Spanish conquistadors marched on a native tribe to obtain a relic with powers beyond imagination. The battle was furious and in the end, the tribe, along with the item, vanished. The item was one of the legendary crystal skulls and now Sandra has been hired to track it and the rest down, but many unknown dangers are ahead. Walk in Sandra's footsteps and join this adventurous search for these ancient relics. Travel around the world to an unstable volcanic isle, the snowy mountains of Nepal, and the dangerous jungles of the Amazon. Pick up the trail of discovery and locate helpful items, solve challenging puzzles, and keep track of your amazing findings. Are the magical powers of the Skulls just a myth?

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    Introduction: The theme of this game came quite intriguing to me as if you’re a bit older maybe you remember a movie called Phantom. Basically, it was a legend about a ghost wondering through an island and protecting it from all the harm, and one day the skulls theme shows up. In this movie there were three skulls, when put together give its owner great power. Maybe for others there will be some similar games to compare it, but for me the developer has a thing for old good movies. Gameplay: Sandra is the heroine of the story and the game starts by a call from a museum from a friend which is a curator in a museum and has a little historical/legendary surprise for you. He tells you the story about the skulls and their mythical powers which were sought out by many and tried to find somewhere in the South America. Many years have passed since that times, but now some people have come to realize that the legend isn’t just a legend, as it is real. The museum already owns one of the skulls, and therefore needs you to track down the rest of them before anyone else does. You will find yourself on an island (on the island’s beach to be exact) and will immediately start the search for the missing skulls. The game’s hierarchy goes like this: to find the skulls you need to find the items to help you interact with the environment and solve puzzles. But to find those items you need to find the items that allow you to find those items, or solve the puzzles that will show you ways of obtaining some of those items. So the whole things keeps you going, not leaving you time to get bored. You'll spend most of your time searching scenes for the odd item or two, poking your cursor around sparkling areas and investigating small mini-scenes within the larger areas. The main puzzle/items that you need to solve which require collecting items in the inventory for later usage, will only be accessible after you collect the required items, but this won’t be enough most of the times, as it will ask of you additional items to complete it. All of those items and all of those puzzles that are there to be solved, you need finish them, but the way of interaction with them is a somewhat better than the one you are probably accustomed to in an hidden object game. Every detail in the game requires your immediate attention and every of those single details counts in solving the puzzles that stand before you. What this means is that the solutions to a certain combination lock won’t be found on a pile of papers somewhere in a strange room but the investigation for the right combination will require your attention as the seek will require only thoroughness. If you can’t get a grip of an item that you require the hint system is always there to help you. The game has offered a limited hint system which is always a better solution for me, personally, then the unlimited recharging one, as it gives you more boundaries to how much time you will be using it. The hints are collected by collecting coins that you can acquire through the game. One coin doesn’t mean much, as you need five coins collected to get a hint you can use. You can collect nine hints max to be used, even though you collect additional coins another hint won’t show up. There are no trophies that you will get for collecting the coins or achievements for that matter, so if you reach the number 9 in hints, you might start using them as the coins will simply be wasted if you don’t use hints. I’m saying this because the challenge level of the game isn’t that high for an experienced HOG player, and therefore might feel a bit disappointed with the game when it comes to this. Also there is one thing concerning the notes and the conversations lead in the game, and that is they are written somewhere. If you don’t remember the scenes from before or you paused with the game for a day for example, you might feel some difficulties remembering what needs to be done, resulting in backtracking through the game. Graphics and sound: The graphics part is very discussable as everybody will have their opinions, but I really can’t say that the game’s graphics have impressed me. Don’t get me wrong, as the details, especially searching for some specific items, is more than intriguing and colorful, which gives it a nice touch, but the game stability and other technical issues might need some adjustments to complete the while positive experience the game provides within its environment. The sound is something similar to the graphics when put together. It doesn’t tell a single scene with some enthusiastic emotions to give more life, but rather it follows the same patter over and over again. The game has some oversights but is it worth of denying yourself from even testing the demo, I don’t think so.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 164

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