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Build an empire out of grass huts in Settlement - Colossus, and restore your people's greatness in this epic hidden object and strategy adventure! A 300-year old emperor has provoked his gods wrath. Now, he is cursed to live without his true love until he gains the grace of the gods by raising a new empire after losing it to a powerful army. As this cursed monarch, discover new lands for the loyal followers and construct a colossal statue in honor of the god. Gather resources, exploring over 62 locations, and build accommodations to care for the people and attract new citizens. Teach them how to procure food and building materials, research new abilities and construct buildings. Find more than 7,000 items, play over 50 mini-games and obtain more than 100 upgrades. Remember, the more beautiful and developed the new settlement is, the more attractive for new citizens it will become! Play Settlement - Colossus free with the demo version or download the full version and see why critics call this a "lengthy adventure" that is "solid and enjoyable", plus "unique and refreshing"!

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    This is a story about a emperor, when he was at his peak he decided to defy the gods. The gods had his revenge on him, so that his whole army, and kingdom was destroyed and he was cursed with immortality to wonder through the land. But he had a chance of redemption. The gods gave him a chance to restore his position as a great emperor if he builds another great empire, and so the game begins. The emperor and his loyal subordinates set of to find a new land where they can build the empire, and that\'s where the game starts. At first the only thing you can do is go to the local forest to collect berries to feed the villagers. After that, you start to develop piece by piece, but you have to be careful. In every turn you decide what to do, to collect food, collect materials, or (after a while) gathering of new materials to research new technologies. The technology research makes the game more interesting as well. At the start of the game, the only way to find food is to gather berries from the forest. Once you research forges and are able to create farming tools, you can then research and build a farm to provide another more efficient source of food. Further research as you progress through the ages will provide farming upgrades that will allow you to become more efficient and collect more food each turn. Collecting the resources will take most of your time, which is quite repetitive. But there is a mini-game that should give you a break. As for the graphics of the game, the level of details is incredible, and small touches like buzzing insects and falling rain really help make the different areas in the game feel alive. And, though for the most part they\'re not all that difficult to find, the actual objects you\'ll find blend in quite well with their surroundings, so they don\'t look out of place at all. With the exception of those pesky lumps of clay, which blend a little too well. As always, try it, if you like it, then buy it...

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 209

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