SheepArcade Campagin: Write Game Reviews and Start Earning

SheepArcade Campagin: Write Game Reviews and Start Earning description

From now on, you can write game news, reviews, articles related to games, consoles, PC or anything that is relevant to the gaming industry. 

The Campaign that we are starting is simple. You don't have to know anything prior or to have anything extra to start earning. The process is: 

  • Write a plagiarism free game related article in
  • Wait for it to get published
  • Promote the article with friends, families, social network and in gaming forums to make it popular. 

Yes, if you can follow these 3 simple techniques then you will be able to earn an unlimited amount from SheepArcade. Yes, it is UNLIMITED. 


1. For every 1000 unique visitors your Article gets, you will get $5. 

2. Top 3 Visited Articles in every week will get additionally $25 each

3. We will count article visitors in every 3 months and top 3 Articles will get special prizes valued at over $300.


How to Start

You will start by selecting a topic to write in Remember, the article has to be plagiarism free which means that you cannot copy anything from internet. After you select your topic, do necessary research for the topic, collect images for your article and get things organized. Adding Image is mandatory for each article. You can add video too if you want which is not a mandatory thing (It will help you to get more visits). 

Check our help section to watch a video on how to upload articles in Comment on this article if you have any questions even then. 

Write your Article and Wait till it gets published. You will get an email when your article goes live in our website. 


What To Do After My Article Gets Published

When your article is live, collect your article link url and shorten it using tools like Now you will have to promote your article. You can promote it to your social media accounts, in game article comments and in forums. Make sure that you don't spam in places and you obviously cannot visit your link continuously to increase hits. Those visits will be deducted later on. 


Join SheepArcade Writers' Community to talk to our moderators, to talk to other writers and to get new ideas of promotion. 


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borg(Master Yoda) February 12th, 2015

Hi, Currently it is more like site for game reviews, news, and online games which you can play in browser. Downloadable games were not free anyway so now there is only info about them. Shockley Shockley) February 10th, 2015

how come I can't download any of the games on this site?

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