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Get the animal party started with Simplz Zoo, the amazing game that lets you create your very own zoo! After inheriting a small zoo from your grandfather, one of his final wishes was for you to turn it into the world's finest. While it is still small and only houses a lion exhibit, he's sure that with some TLC, it can quickly rise the ranks to the top. Put your match skills to the test and build the best zoo around! Play challenging board designs to gather necessary supplies, then put them to use by deciding what animals to add, buildings to create and where to place them. Construct a reptile house, sell hot dogs, and much more. With more than 90 animals, 50 constructions and exhibits, and 30 power-ups, making your zoo the best in the world will be a roaring good time! Critics call it "undeniably habit-forming" and declare, "Don't miss it." Play Simplz Zoo free with the demo version, or download the full version today!

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    A nice match 3 game with a compelling storyline, Simplz Zoo will engross you right from the word go. It is a challenging puzzler where you inherit a zoo from your grandfather and you need to look after the well being of the animals and be responsible for their proper upkeep. You would need to do all you can to make sure the zoo looks attractive and has a flow of visitors. You are free to explore the zoo and add multiple animals, plus various facilities such as food vendors, souvenir shops, and a zoo academy. You can also grow veggies, place maps and can design the zoo the way you want to. Additionally there are puzzles to be solved and resources to be collected. The obstacles and power-ups make this game even more challenging and fun. The match 3 game-play is nicely woven into the plot and hence does not tire the players. Extra points earned in matching games can buy new animals and there are fresh challenging objectives to be fulfilled every now and then. With nice visuals and a pleasant audio track, this game appeals to all ages.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 54

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