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The president wants to clean up pollution that's causing insane weather around the world but can't get past rogue robots. His only hope is to call for the Rescue Squad to get the job done, and one of its finest members has volunteered. Help him get through this dangerous challenge and clean up the planet! Run, jump, fly, and bounce your way through 275 levels of classic platform fun. Use teleports, speed boosters, jump balls, and many other cool items to get past the robots. Find secret items, earn bonuses, battle Super Bosses, and play arcade mini-games. With simple controls, colorful graphics, and tons of secrets, this game will keep you hoppin' and boppin' for months!

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    There aren't many arcade games that count as good ones on the market of games, but Sky Taxi is certainly one of them. Sky Taxi 2 – Storm 2012 is the sequel to its predecessor. Once again the rescue squad is on its move, and they actually didn’t stop, ever. The Rescue Squad has been called forth from the President himself, as a great danger is upon Earth. Mich, the hero of the first part of the Sky Taxi, has volunteered to be the one who will lead that mission and rescue the world from the menace at hand. The President has informed you that pollution from flying taxis and robots threatens everywhere. But you are not a miracle maker, so the scientist of the world have created some sort like a magical wand, that turns the toxic waste into fresh air, but that is a little bit more complicated that it seems or they would do it themselves. All the robots have malfunctioned somehow and all of them have only one mission at hand and that is to kill! So the only way to get rid of the robots and save the world is to find someone very capable and with some serious skills, to protect all and save all. As many arcade games on the market, this game also has load of obstacles which are put there to make your life miserable and harder to finish the game, but Mich doesn’t surrender that easily. Flying, fire-shooting, ice-throwing robots, robot dogs and all the creatures and obstacles that you can imagine in a game are there just waiting for you. Defeating the many obstacles that are trying to slow you down is pretty simple as it isn’t nothing to complicate. Jumping on the robots mostly does the trick and you get rid of them, but just in case you can also throw boxes on them if you aren’t sure in your jumping skills. Defeating the robots often leaves a bonus behind him that you can pick up after, but the bonus is not the only thing that they can leave behind them. They can also leave a bomb besides the bonus which if you’re not careful could cost you a life. As we are talking about one of the better arcade games, it’s only fair that the game has enough content to deserve such title. The best content that it can offer is definitely a large variety of different power-ups. Some of the better ones and which you will be mostly using are: God Bonus makes you temporarily invincible; Fly Bonus let you fly; and Time Bonus lets you freeze your enemies for a short period of time. There are other additional searches and quests that are scattered all around different areas and they are all well hidden in secret rooms. There you will be finding lots of hidden items in that rooms which may contain treasure chests, coins or sweets. Try jumping on all of the clouds because it often leads to a secret place or hold “Hearts” that give you an extra life. But the search for the extra life can also cost you one, as jumping too high and not being able to next point takes away a life as you get hurt by the fall. There are some cute options like if you want to hide away from your enemies you can do it in a small house specially designed for that. Like every other game it has included in the main gameplay mini-games. Some levels have a pavilion that you can enter to play an arcade mini-game. The only disappointing thing about this game is it’s basically a copy of the first part of the game, as there are almost none difference between the first part and the second. The only difference which had to be at least is the change in the graphics and sound of the game. They are both enhanced in some pretty well done way, and still you will enjoy this even if it is the same as before, with 275 levels of the game. Plus the secret rooms and the large variety of content, whoever buys the game won’t be sorry at all.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 57

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