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Help an adorable bunch of heroes save the fairies from an alien menace in Sky Taxi, a wonderfully wacky and super addictive arcade game. After a long day of rescuing, Mich and his friends just want to sit down and watch TV. But, when the Fairy Queen arrives with an urgent job, it's time for the Rescue Squad to jump into action! Run, jump, and stomp your way through more than 180 whimsical levels on an action-packed quest to free the fairies from their golden cages. Collect special items along the way, take on enemy bosses, and even play fun mini-games! A delightful challenge for all ages, Sky Taxi features fantastic full-screen graphics, loveable characters, and an exciting storyline.

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    Introduction When you think about different games there are on the market, it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no end to them, and even being and working as a reviewer doesn’t mean you will play more games than some of the people out there who have nothing in their life then playing games, but still even they can’t test them all! So what do you do when you see a game with poor graphics, something simply made as a cover for the game, the intro the game has to offer is not impressive and so forth…The logical conclusion to this would be leave the game alone, and forget it has ever existed. Unfortunately for me, and probably most of the players out there the reviews can sometimes become very contradictory to what all of your game senses say, and still leave it behind. Still my job is to test the game, and I curse the day this game has found a way to me, since it has infected my sister, my mother and my little brother! So the logical solution left was either to throw away my PC through the window, or play the game until the end and watch myself drown in a world of taxis which are preventing a disaster with the fairies. Gameplay: The game beginning won’t keep you in the game! Mine and other reviews will, and if you are a fan of this special type of genre and simply must try every game in this genre that is launched. The game is simply too simple in every aspect graphics, gameplay, sound, story, but this all doesn’t matter as the gameplay soon starts to get a grip of their players leaving the rest of the elements totally irrelevant. The story of the game is about you, Mich a taxi driver which suddenly receives a distress call from the Queen fairy in order to save her and her fairies. An alien invasion is disrupting their peaceful way of life and the space taxi, as it seems, the only way to save them from the menace at hand. So far nothing and nothing is making this game worthy enough to be played more than a group of most faithful fans of this genre, but this won’t stay long, as the game implies other features into the gameplay that will start to leave you speechless. The game consists of 180 levels of pure enjoyment and secrets to be discovered. Following this is the controls that you need for controlling Mich, which can be played on keyboard and on a mouse. My personal opinion and probably recommendation from everyone would be playing with the keyboard, because of the nature of controls used for moving Mich. Mich is easily controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard, where the up arrow is used for jumping and the down key is used for picking up items and opening door (basically it is an action button). There will be change of environment where Mich will do a lot of swimming and there will be slight change in the controls. To complete the level you must find all of the fairies that are locked in a golden cage. To help you out in this is a counter on the top of the screen that shows the number of fairies that are left for saving. When releasing a fairy from its cage you will then get directions from an arrow showing you where to go to find another fairy that are trapped. If there aren’t any fairies left to find, the arrow will be showing you the way out of the current level so you can forward to the next one. But to free a fairy isn’t as easy as just walking in and freeing her. In the game you must take care of the guards and different obstacles that prevent you from freeing them. There are multiple ways of fighting against those obstacles and one of the ways in the game is throwing boxes on the guards through the action button, or hiding yourself in special doors that come from time to time in a form of a black door. Of course there will times when you won’t make it, and will start losing your lives and energy. The solution for that is the fruits and jewels that you can find on a level. Fruits are there to replenish your health status, while the jewels are there for extra lives. Another thing that will come somewhat interesting is the reputation you have with other people. This is crucial at times as you need other people to help you or you need to help them, depending on the situation, but for both ways to work you need to have enough reputation for them to accept you. The reputation is earned in a TV station, where you work as a TV host and earn there your reputation. There was some mentioning about this before, about the hidden areas and secrets, but what you will really find there are mostly rare items and still you won’t find them on every level as mostly you won’t have the possibility to do so… the items that you do find will become a stepping stone to what you can find make of Mich, as the different rare items you find will mostly be upgrades for him, to make him stronger, faster…better! This means additional repetition of the already finished levels in the game and besides the fact that there are a lot of levels there you won’t have a second though or repeating the levels again as now with new abilities it is even more exciting. From time to time, you will have to face ten different bosses that are there to break up the pace of the game and to provide additional challenge, as what you will definitely notice is the enormous easiness of the game. Graphics and sound: When you look at the game and see how it is done graphically, considering this is only a first part of what’s about to come, you can be really satisfied both with the details in the game, but also the audio coverage of the game. The game will entrap you in a second leaving you wondering when a couple of hours has passed making you realize that you cannot free yourself of the addiction that the game has brought upon you.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 28

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