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There was a huge and negative outburst of what happened after the hacking issue. Though Xbox Live controlled everything within a day, PSN took 3 days to make things normal. All the gamers went crazy as this was a Christmas time and people had so many plans with their gaming. 

Today, the official PlayStation Blog of Sony announced that they are extending their Flash Sale and Holiday Sale offer for all the people due to the recent occurrences.

You will now be able to buy games under flash sale till December 31st 12.00 pm which means that you can buy games with this offer for the rest of this year. The holiday sale will continue till January 6th 12.00 pm. All these are PT times.

Flash sale has lots of benefits to offer. For example, games like Dragon Age, NBA, COD and Fifa 15 are having a discount of around 75% under this sale offer.

Holiday sale is again not something to neglect at all. You can buy games, movies, tv shows with around 70% of discount. Games like GTA V, Battlefield 4 and Alien comes under this offer too.

Enjoy this last week of gaming for 2014 now.  

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