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Julia is a smart and successful woman moving up the ladder at her job, but getting nowhere in her love life. She's tried bars, clubs, and friends - to no avail. She never feels a connection to any of the people she dates, and realizes something is missing; it just doesn't feel "right". On a strange whim one night, Julia posts an ad to an online dating site and gets a cryptic reply, one that sends her down a path to meet the man she's yearned for all her life, and surprisingly, known throughout the ages. Follow along with Julia on this road of self-discovery and romance to reconnect with her one true love. Search around the world and through history to pick up the trail of breadcrumbs that has brought them together across many incarnations, but has failed this time because of karmic forces. Solve puzzles to move one step closer, and locate the time capsules to re-awaken her memory. Will this journey finally bring the two together, or will Julia miss her only chance at true happiness in this lifetime?

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    Who knew that love is so hard to find? Many of us have found it in small amounts, while others found the person that is perfect for them, but have you ever heard about two souls wondering from a lifetime to a lifetime, being reborn again and again only to spend their lives in the search for the one from which they were separated by death? There are a couple of myths about such stories throughout the history and the history has a funny way in repeating itself, until someone comes along to put the end to such a thing. Julia is a successful woman in New York City and by successful I mean she has started earning everything she always dreamed off, and the more time passes the more better she becomes in what she does. But as harder she would concentrate on her carrier the more she would notice that something important is missing too, someone to love… She tried dating, bars, night clubs, even friends but everything ended up as a failure. Whoever tried to be her partner it just couldn’t work as she didn’t feel any type of connection between them, so she resorted to only thing left that could help her, Internet! As the world’s greatest community she assumed that, that person might be somewhere out there and maybe her luck changes, which it did but in the way she expected. Soon after the announcement from Julia, she gets a strange response to hers, which contained a cryptic message telling her that there is someone, waiting for her and has been waiting his entire life, just like her, but the road to finding him is dark, long and dangerous. You’ll be searching around the world and through history to pick up the trail of breadcrumbs that has brought them together across many incarnations, but has failed this time because of karmic forces, but how do you do that? This game concentrates mainly on one thing, and that’s puzzles. Many have enlisted this game as a HOG game, but that’s true only in a small portion of the game. The hidden object part of the game here is represented is a very small way, and done very simple without much of an effort, as a side issue. The main part of the game is presented in different types of puzzles you need to play through to discover the truth. Another thing you must know about his game is that the puzzles are not easy at all will constantly provide you with challenges to overcome, in some situations requiring a lot of concentration to figure out the solution. The problem with this game, if you can call it a problem, is the hint system. It is done in a very strange way as it doesn’t work as the rest hints in the other games, you are used to. For me this was a good thing as the game intentionally was saying to you that you cannot just click your way through the whole game, but must sit and find the right solution especially in some cases when the hint system doesn’t work almost at all. The "skip" feature is similarly as most of the puzzles can be bypassed after a timer expires but one or two cannot. The thing that will probably annoy you the most is the inventory system. The games inventory is located on Julia’s backpack, and the area of interface is very small and can only be accessed by clicking on that area around her backpack. This wouldn’t be so bad if there aren’t many items to deal around with, which is mostly the case, but at some points in the game you will be doing a lot around items and inventory and that’s when this will show its flaws in design. For those who will be attracted by the game there will be two main reasons, the story and the visuals. The story itself is not that much used in the game world, unlike some other themes, so it gets you a bit interested especially for those who never heard about that specific story. All the searching and the mystery solving will get you going to discover the one with you are destined to be, but the beautifully done graphics of the game are just making the things better and will draw you in more and more. You’ll probably fell a bit lost in some parts of the game, but the ‘To do list’ is always there and gives you an approximate objective so that’s not an option if you are looking wright. If you want to play a game that can provide you with some descent challenge and make you play the game on your own as much as it is possible that you will definitely won the jack-pot with this one and won’t be mistaken to buy it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 267

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