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Previously, Valve made some changes and created something called confidence metric. Basically, this prevented games from dropping trading cards like mad, and had a big impact on trading card farming games. Using the same metric, Valve hopes to stop achievement farming games.


So as it turns out, there are some games out there specifically designed to increase the player's achievement count. Now, as Valve says, that number isn't big, however, it can confuse the algorithm and some users. If a games does not meet the confidence metric, they will have some constraints. This means that the game will be limited to 100 achievements, the achievements won't contribute to the global achievement count, won't be counted in the player's library, and will not be eligible for coupons. 

Games which are restricted now show a notice on the store page. Valve says..

"We don't believe these constraints will negatively impact real games in any way, and the removal of fake games should improve the Store experience for everyone."

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