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During a vicious German counterattack that began on May 17, 1942, three Soviet Armies were surrounded and were forced to fighting in what has become known as the "meat grinder." Through the monstrous roar of tanks and military vehicles, and the blaring sounds of war, players will experience bitterness at the loss of their comrades during battle and elation when they are victorious.

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    WWII games are becoming more and more presented on the games market and they seem not to be slowing down when it comes to their distribution and releasing, but we all know not everybody can make a game, well they can even I can make a game with almost no knowledge of programing and designing, but a game worth playing now that is where the selection of all games starts and we will decide what to do with this one. The game is set in year 1942, just right in the middle or better yet the high peak of the WW2. Now there will be different opinions about this game and of course experiences especially when it comes to the technical part of the game which is a bit buggy, especially the first releases but hey why are the patches there?! The battle is between the Red Army and the Germans and guess who is winning? The troops of the Red Army are surrounded and they have no choice left then to fight for their lives until the last man dies or survives… The gameplay itself is very simple when you look at it from the first perspective as you chose from one of the five possible positions inside the tank as the Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver and Hull Gunner. The tanks that are at your disposal to manage are: T-34/76 mod. 1941, Mk.II ‘Matilda’ III, and the Pz. IV Ausf. F2. The effects of the gameplay that you will experience within the game are indeed realistic however that doesn’t mean that they are done in a way that will stun you. The game has everything what it needs to make a tank simulation game as realistic as possible with the damages on the buildings, or the damage that the forests sustains from driving through it and simply everything that you would have in a real situation. The inside of the tank is set in a 3D graphics giving you as much as the feeling a virtual image can give you and the little opening and hatches will become more and more compelling for usage although it might have very bad consequences for you. You will move from one position to another in the tank and will learn to manage every position to the point of perfection. This will lead you to the commander’s position where you start controlling the battle any way you want that is any way you can depending on the situation you are in. This gives you privileges like using your binoculars and opening the earlier mentioned hatch but this exposes you to stray bullets and other danger that could kill you. This is indeed bad, not for the game, but for you as when the commander dies its game over for you and you better be smarter next time. Every position in the tank has been done to make it as realistic as possible and that players have the option to make it easier for themselves or to ‘feel’ the atmosphere in which the people were when they were in those situations. This simulation game has been made to the point making you react to every situation different and making you adapt to those situations including multiple enemies or to single one on one duels where every position play’s a key role in the combat (from the drivers maneuvering, commanders decisions and the accuracy of the gunner). The missions that you will be conducting differ from time to time but also from tank to tank. The missions are linked to the events that happened on that same battlefield ~70 ago. There will be single missions that are different as the tank changes while you will have linked missions in the same tank that need to be taken care of. I have played a lot of games, well not exactly in this genre (it’s an actually total different type of game) where you can go with you main character and kill 1000 men with you loosing 50% of your life energy expect in the Very hard or Chaos difficulties. Here you can’t play Rambo with a tank and expect to decimate and entire army all by yourself. Try that and you will be fried, cooked and blown to thousands of pieces before you know it. I have talked about graphics a bit in the beginning but here is in general: the surrounding ambient is done like the tanks itself to change with the circumstances of taking fire or you find yourself in a situation where you are driving though muddy slopes, etc… You will see your other tanks going sky high into pieces and not just that. In some missions you are giving infantry and other war resources to use in your combat missions to help you destroy or complete your objectives. The games sound makes sure to complete this war ambient with cracking building, breaking walls, gunfire and anything that could be recorded and added to the game. The details are there but they are not that really good. The point is the game is good, but it is not excellent. Like any game it has found its audience and because it has been released 2 years ago try not to compare latest graphics with this one and think a bit back…

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