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Danielle and Sam are the perfect newlywed couple, or so it seems until that all changes one fateful night. A knock at the door whisks Sam away suddenly and without explanation, leaving only a package and the mystery of Sam's strange childhood. Now Danielle will risk her beating heart to find her husband. Follow Danielle on her nightmarish tale to a dark and haunted town where something that should not exists runs free. Search for clues to her husband's whereabouts while uncovering his veiled past. Solve tricky puzzles and unlock new areas as you visit spine-tingling locations full of gloom and sorrow. Is Danielle prepared to learn the horrible truth about Sam's past?

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    When you are ready to leave your life behind, make the step forward leaving everything behind you hope that whatever you have left behind won’t catch up to you one day. Many poor souls have relied too much on lady luck, while only some of them have tried really hard to ‘erase their past’, but likewise they can’t rely on that 100%. This is all happening every day in our lives without even knowing it. Perhaps a nice couple has moved from another country that looks very nice on the first look, or a friend that you know for years still seems to hide from you something as you can tell by the way he acts if you get too close. The story of our game goes beyond friendship and neighbor bonds, and goes to the closest one you can have without being blood related, a marriage partner. One day out of nowhere your husband goes missing and you find out he has been kidnapped. The only clue you have to what is happening is the town in which your husband has grown up, and which by past and present circumstances you have never ever visited, because your husband avoided it. So you track down the only clue you have and go to where your husband was born, only to find out something what was unimaginable for you to even think about him. You will play the role of Danielle and as you enter the town you will find a helper who can tell you anything that you want to know about the city, her husband, or the situation in general, but of course everything has its price. For you to be able to find out every single detail that interests you, you have to do some favors for your friend, who apparently has some other hidden reason why he is doing all of this! However the clock is ticking as you don’t have all the time in the world to find your husband, as the one who has kidnaped him, has clearly murderous intentions for him. The game can be played in two different modes, casual and expert. The difference between those two is the pace of hint recharging system and the number of highlights used in the game. The story evolves as you meet different characters in the game which start to reveal secret parts about your husband’s past, but those are only bits and pieces and you need something more that will make you figure the whole scene out. That is where your little helper steps into the light, as you collect dolls that hang around all over the game you will be reveled additional facts about your husband by your companion. The game is made to be played in what appears to be chapters. The story must be solved by playing the game as it dictates and requires of you, however the scenes that appear throughout the game, don’t have to be played in the same order as the rest of the game. So the game is consisted from hidden object genre, which you could figure out by now, and some puzzles that have the role of mixing it all up. The includes multiple sorts of puzzles, so besides the standard ones that appear like tiles switching, you will encounter puzzles which are connected with the game’s story so solving some unique game based puzzles is inevitable. The difficulty will define with what speed you will play the game, but there won’t be any slowing down that will have any greater influence on you. The difficulty of the puzzles will be very low within any mode that you play, as they are meant to be like that. As for the HO part of the game, the games difficulty of course increases with the difficulty change but due to hints available and the ones you get almost automatically, the real difficulty isn’t there. The point of the game lies in her story, as when the twists start to happen and things start to reveal itself, then you will notice that you are being dragged into a world of darkness and terror that will make you start questioning yourself… The horror theme produced through the shattered glass, broken things, devastating surroundings that looks like it hasn’t been touched for multiple decades are all just part of the bigger picture, made to draw you more into the game. The music starts to accompany the graphics of the game at the beginning, but a slight change in the musical background afterwards in the game would do the trick in keeping it interesting. Like this, constantly repeating itself, it just lost the feeling of horror. The game is made in some many ways, making you love it without even realizing it, just to be disappointed by the end of the game which comes too soon, especially if you love the game.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 214

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