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Travel through history and build two legendary empires as you rise from a lowly peasant to become the most powerful ruler of the times. In Cradle of Persia, become Caliph of the Persian Empire. Create exotic gardens and lush architecture out of the sands from the land of one thousand and one nights. In Cradle of Rome, open the gates to the most magnificent city of all time when you become Emperor and construct wonders of the world. Each game features a wonderful challenge packed with matching action. Over 200 fun levels await you using spectacular power-ups and dazzling bonuses. Travel through 12 historical epochs, build more than 40 masterpieces of the ancient architecture and conquer your way to fun!

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    The Cradle Bundle, a combination of little education in history and lots of fun and challenges. This is also a 2 in 1 game, Cradle of Rome and Cradle of Persia. To summary both games here is what is it all about: You start as a peasant in your village, and you must collect resources for you village(later Empire), like food, gold and supplies. You get this through match 3 games, where different matches give different resources. On the beginning it\'s a fair challenge, but later... Anyway, you start with match 3, then as you get greater combos like match 5, and you are awarded with a peasant for example or a cow. But as the level difficulty increases you come across with plaques. For them, sometimes, you need one match to get rid of them, but after, the number of matches required increases. But not to worry, there is more! When the level increases and the space becomes tighter, and you think this can\'t get any worse, you have the honor \'to meet\' the chains. They to require a couple of matches, so put them together and plaques and you get a challenge you can\'t defeat without some reasonable strategy. So as you finish every level, you use your resources to help you build you village, to a city, then to a great empire, and upgrade your position in all that from a peasant to a powerful Emperor. But every new building requires more and more resources, so the game is getting more intense. Luckily for us there is a couple of bonuses that come quite handy in burning situations, like HAMMER, LIGHTNING, BOMB and HOURGLASS. The Hammer breaks any tile, plaque or chain you choose, while Lightning zaps twenty random tiles. Bombs blow up squares of nine tiles each and the Hourglass adds water to the jar(time on a level), and believe me you\'ll need it!!! You\'ll sometimes have a lack of one of the resources, which will require from you to balance your tile-matching to get more of the resources that you need, so this gives quite a twist to the game. In the game, if you have time to look, you are surrounded with beautiful scenery of Rome and Persia, and the music is quite catchy at the beginning but when you get frustrated with difficult matching, and will you make it on time, or to clear that chain or plaque, there is the sound off option, just in case. There just one thing I didn\'t like in the game, and it\'s that you don\'t have a Unlimited mode. It would be great to play all those games, and not to worry about the time, so you can relax while you\'re playing, and don\'t have to worry to get to addicted to play until you fall :)

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 39

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