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An ocean liner gets caught in a fierce storm and goes down, leaving a group of passengers to fend for themselves on a nearby tropical island. Hardly is there any time to decide what to do next, when strange things start happening. One of the survivors finds an ancient inscription left on the sand, and soon, the castaways realize that they are not the only ones on the island. Go deep into this mysterious island and find out what secrets this forgotten place hides. Survive thrilling perils including bouts with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards as you search for food and shelter. Collect fruit, grow vegetables, learn to fish, catch snakes, and much more. To get back home, you'll have to find answers and overcome more than 200 diverse quests. Can you make it through?

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    Shipwrecks where always a theme for themselves, as they are mostly presented in nowadays TV shows and TV series. The Island – Castaway is a new game that uses that theme fully in its advantage integrating everything good that exists to use for creating a game based on shipwrecking and spooky islands. A lot of people were on an ocean liner, which was caught up in a storm, after which the storm did its thing, and the survivors have woken up on the coast of an island. Between them is your character with which you will play the game, and for those who watched TV series “Lost” might find a couple of very similar details between it and the game. You start of as Tom Allison, and as everybody on the island that have survived, don’t have the slightest clue what just and where you are. There is only one thing left to do and that is to prepare everything for the further surviving of the survivors. Tom becomes the leader of the group, but unlike other leaders in the world, who sit comfortably in their chairs, Tom really has to work. Basically everything depends on him (you) to do for the survivors, like getting the materials, food, anything you can find that could be of some use. But you will find thing that will interest you much more than those things that a quest is inevitable. Bizarre, indecipherable markings in the ground, and not just on one place, intrigue Tom more and more and they started the whole adventure. Every character in the game will have its own task for Tom to fulfill most of them with the same cause but done in a different way or is made of different items, like collecting food for the characters, collecting wood whether it is for building or a fire. Because of the large number of different fruits that are available on the island to find the game gives a nice option of mixing those ingredients into a home cooked meal, so to speak. You will make different recipes using food that you find, and those recipes are obtained through the game. Besides the food you can find, you will get different tools in the game like a fishing rod or crabbing net that will add the seafood to the menu. But so much running around cost energy and a lot of it, which doesn’t come all by itself back. Tom has an energy meter and it show the energy he can consume for his jobs. But you better watch out, as there are limitations to how many energy Tom can consume. Every action consumes a certain amount of energy, but if don’t replenish that energy there will be consequences. When the energy bar hits the danger zone, Tom loses his ability to run, and after that if it hits the zero level Tom will lose his conscious. Because of the games tendency to collect the items through the whole gameplay, you will be doing a lot of searching and clicking, which automatically adds achievements for different things found, done and explored. 15 achievements are available to complete, but every achievement has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. All the results that you complete in the game and achieve, you can post on the for comparing. If you get a bit lost in searching for your items and don’t know what to do next or what the user interface of the game is made so that it helps the players to the max, and in this case the interface allows you to see the active task. Through the gameplay you will notice when you search for new tasks that there are more of them to do at the same time. Clicking on the question mark above characters head ads him to the list of tasks to do and you can create yourself a ‘list’ of tasks to do however you want them done. This is in the later stage of the game pretty useful, as in the first couple of missions, are pretty much introduction with the game and they can’t be skipped but dealt with one after another. The later ones are you to pick as the variety of different missions is great. You will chose what you want to do, like follow the story of the game straight or concentrate a bit on food and supplies collection. Pros of the game: Basically everything, gameplay, story, graphics which is more than polished and done with some nice small details, which count more and more as the most important ones. A con of the game is unfortunately the sound of the game. Whether it is in lack of funding or for some other reason only known to the developers, I don’t know but a better sound acting would definitely give the game a perfect grade. Unfortunately because of this the game is step from perfect, making it still much more then playable and very enjoyable. For all of those who decide to buy this game, disappointment is not an option…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 142

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