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Discover the story of one of the world's most secretive societies in The Pini Society(R) - The Remarkable Truth. A mysterious group of elite scholars, The Pini Society has been, among other things, responsible for some of the greatest archaeological discoveries over the last 200 years. Uncover the remarkable story of The Pini Society(R) for yourself by solving an incredible assortment of puzzle challenges. Place game pieces on to the board to complete a colorful mosaic, search for hidden hieroglyphics, unleash powerful bonuses, and more in level after level of original fun. Featuring two great game modes, an engaging storyline, and hours of puzzle fun, The Pini Society(R) is a fantastic family adventure. Play The Pini Society(R) - The Remarkable Truth today and see history like never before.

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    Play The Pini Society game and discover the real truth behind the legendary and secretive Pini Society. The society is believed to have been constituted of a group of Victorian gentlemen based in the UK that included amongst its members real archaeologist/explorers the likes of Austen Henry Layard, John Hanning Speke and the Maspero brothers. This secret organization is responsible for the preservation and protection of valuable historical artifacts. The game is a flash based puzzle cum adventure game. The graphics, hand drawn journal entries and the vintage exploration gadgets used in the game truly transports the player to the Victorian era a few hundred years ago, sometime in the 1800's. The different chapters in the game make you undertake quests by solve puzzles by placing tiles into mosaic patterns, thereby revealing hidden gems and other information. Each level in the game is timed and the puzzles test your time management skills and intellect. An image of a geometric shape is displayed on the screen and you need to fill it up with tiles of the right dimensions. The tiles available are at the bottom of the screen and the stock keeps on getting refilled. Once you gather a certain number of points the rest of the tiles are automatically filled in. Helpful power-ups add spice to the basic game play and make this one even more fun game to play. Some have special power to reveal possible placement positions for a selected tile, while some grant extra time to solve the puzzles or help fill larger portions of the board for a higher score. The game also gets challenging as you discover new symbols and the powers they carry. You need to remember them all to match them right when similar patterns appear on mosaics later in the game. The intriguing story line with real life historical characters gives an adventure games feeling to it. When you search for downloadable games try this one. You would thoroughly enjoy the maze of fun puzzles and learning about interesting archaeological finds made by Pini Society members.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 79

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