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A mysterious tidal wave that once sunk a cruise ship now threatens the isle of Santa Rossa. Help the island's shaman avert this disaster by solving the mystery behind the ill-fated ship's ghosts. Be wary however, because dark forces will do everything to stop you. Travel the beautiful, yet mysterious island, to find answers before the tidal wave wipes out the island. Join the shaman and communicate with the spirits of the destroyed ship who will guide and enlighten you. Learn of their history as you search for and collect fragments of useful items in strange and majestic locations. Solve puzzles, play mini-games, and free the lost souls of the departed travelers.

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    For some people our world is like his palm, and everything is available to them, while to others it is an adventure left to be dreamt of, as covering all of the space that could be visited is almost impossible during one’s life span. The substation for this is a part of an everyday life of a reporter who has the job to inform the world of events that have occurred, are occurring or about a possibility of something that could happen in time to come. The thing is that the reporter of our game has all three factors to think of and even though the end goal is to save the place in which he is located; making it a very noble reason but the one million reward is there just in case our reporter needs a little stimulation. Everything starts to develop with your arrival on an island which seems to be haunted by some ghosts which can’t find their peace and wonder through the island. At your arrival you were supposed to be welcomed by your friend (guide) to help you manage around the island. Everything on the island seems to be covered by some ‘dark cloud’ that as it seems is impossible to get rid of, unless you find out the truth behind it and the event that are about to occur. You didn’t however come unprepared to this investigatory story, as the reason for those ghosts is probably the accident that happened six years ago on a ship called Queen Margaret, when a giant wave took the lives of the passengers and left the ship stranded on the islands beaches. The story is becoming more and more revealed as you play the game, and on the beginning you get only parts of the story encouraging you to find the rest and therefore giving you motivation to continue playing the game. The beginning scenes reveal a ghost who is there to warn you what is going your way and who is behind that monstrosity that is on its way. There is a shaman on the island that is using magic to provoke the Mother Nature to send another wave, just like six years ago and erase the island on which you are located from the map of the world. You have to find the clues that will lead you to the location of the shaman and of course to prevent him to complete his ceremony before it’s too late, as the clock is ticking! The targeted time for the wave to come is the eclipse, and there isn’t that much time left to it and with some many items to find it won’t be easy. The glamor of the game probably lies in its combination of broken tiles of items that need to be assembled to be used and the whole adventure environment of the game. The pieces that you collect in the game will either be a part of a game’s story or they will be parts of the already mentioned items that you will use inside the environment of the game. As you are introduced to the story of the game, the gameplay will become much more easier to comprehend, as those items will become more logical to were to use, however the thing that might disappoint some of the players is that those items are mostly set in such places that it will require of you a couple of moments of backtracking. The thing about those items that you are searching is that even though they are hidden object focused, there isn’t any list of items that you need to find like you would usually find in HOG, except the final item that you are collecting the pieces for. If you aren’t doing nothing from the above mentioned, then you are probably solving one of the puzzles that the game has in store for you. The puzzles are in a form of connect the dots, so there won’t be any surprise there, but the game will provide a challenge no matter what difficulty you choose. The harder the difficulty is, the longer the intervals are for recharging the hint system, and the highlighting of items in the game is completely excluded. There is a map of the game that you can access any time to help you get around the different islands which exist in the game, and as separate locations those islands don’t allow walking and switching between them, just like that. Graphics of the game is ‘standard’ so to speak. To tell the truth I have written so many times the same words about this sort of game when it comes to this part, I don’t even know what to tell you except, it is nice, not fabulous, but nice. Details are there, and there was attention given to this part of the game, but if you are looking for spectacular graphics, this isn’t for you! The Ghost Ship is a gorgeous game with a beautiful soundtrack and the rest of the audio of the game where you will experience ‘danger’ and so forth are also nicely done and covered by audio. With the length of the game, especially in more difficult modes, going over four hours, you will have more than enough time to get to know the game and enjoy it until the end.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 283

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