Things You Might Have Missed in Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was one of the best sellers in September. The game is still going great and there is a high chance that this will be one of the top sellers of 2015. Now, this is not a review article of Metal Gear Solid V. In this article, we are going to see whether you have played this game perfectly or not. Check these notes out and find out whether you have found these places or not. If not then may be you should play this game once again from the beginning. Let's start. 


Birthday Surprise 

When you are first time playing the game, the game tells you to provide your birth date in it. Then at the end of the first mission when you get back to your base, the people in the base welcomes you with birthday greetings because it is your actual birthday in game. This is a cut scene so a lot of people missed this magic moment. If you have chance then check it out. 

Supply Drop Fun

If you are a player of this game then you must know that one of the great feature of this game is being able to call for supply once you are out of it. For example, if you are running short on bullets, you can call the base and ask for extra bullets. Now, if you give them the co-ordinate of your enemy, the helicopter will drop the supply right on top of the heads of your enemy and there is a high chance that they will die. Check that out. 

Use Cardboard Box 

Did you know that now in this game, you are allowed to use cardboard boxes as a sliding unit? The rule is simple. When you are sliding down the hill, use a cardboard. Get into the board and slide in. It will hide you and you will enjoy the moment too. 

Design the Boxes

Did you know that you can actually design the boxes that you find in this game? Design them using your own imagination power. You will love it. 

Old School Snake Uniform

If you want then you can find the old school snake uniform spending 100,000 GMP in the game. The R&D division of your command will find this suit for you that was used in previous games. 

Customizing Guns

Guns can be customized in this game with your own choice. Obviously, you will have restrictions but at the end of the day, you are allowed to create your own set of guns which is amazing. 

Horse Poop Fun

Did you know that you can sabotage the vehicles using horse poop? Yes, this sounds weird but that is possible in this game. Ride a horse and run through the main roads. Make sure that you run as long as your horse doesn't poop in the road. When car tires will run over these poops, they will lose control. 

Music Magic

Yes you are fighting but won't you be able to listen to the music when you are fighting? Well, the answer is positive. You can create and customize your own playlist and can listen to music when you are travelling around on your own. 

Create Your Zoo

There is an animal conservation center in this game where you can personalize and pet your own animals. Do you like elephants? Go and find one and take it back to the zoo. Don't you like horses? You can always let them go or kill them in your zoo. 

Diamond Dog

If you are an animal lover then you will love this experience. You can actually buy a puppy and pet it in your place. The puppy will grow with you and you can play with your puppy whenever you want. 


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