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Two thousand years ago, an evil curse imprisoned a powerful shape-shifting warrior inside a riddle box. His powers taken and bound to do the bidding of unkind masters, he became an unwilling participant in dreadful acts. After purchasing the riddle box, the young Delilah is shocked at the surprised contained within, but soon uncovers the warrior's tragedy and chooses to help, earning his trust, and eventually his heart. Play as the psychically gifted Delilah and help the warrior undo his curse. Thwart assassins, use psychic abilities, and find a way out of China in this tantalizing romance. Search for hidden objects through beautiful and mysterious landscapes. Solve a huge variety of challenging puzzles. Unlock an extra play mode with an entertaining mix of mini-games. The story alone will keep you captivated.

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    All of us HOG fans have played many of different subtypes of these games. Almost every game has an addition to it, because it is hard to make a game without involving other genres, frankly those games must be pretty boring. But we have a very odd combination of genres, which certainly is progressing through the game world higher and higher. Tiger Eye is mostly a hidden object game, but with serious additions including romance and point-and-click. The game starts with Dela’s arrival to China. As she possesses some sort of psychic abilities they almost led her to this place and this specific market in the capitol of China, Beijing. At one moment a woman offered her to buy a mysterious riddle box. Since that moment she feels quite tense, and she can’t shake the feeling that someone is always following her. After arriving in her hotel room, she decides to play that is solve that puzzle and as a reward she got 2000 years old warrior, and that’s where something starts to intrigue Dela… But this pile of muscles, a dream man for every woman, is the only thing good about this game. Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box is mostly HOG, therefore players will be challenged to find and click well-hidden objects in a busy indoor or outdoor scene. But ‘mostly’ isn’t the whole game, so it is structured like an adventure game with various scenes where you need to find hidden objects, unlock containers and interact with items in order to advance in the story. However, the gameplay is not what draws you into the game. There are also a lot of cut scenes with animation and strong voice-acting in between these scenes. To get things done, use those well-trained item finding eyes of yours to spot everything, then click to pick it up. Some items merely need to be found, while others must be used with other objects. There's no inventory to fuss with, so a little clicking will get you a long way. As the game is written by a novel the story is something that the game can be proud of, and you can expect some great acting and audio. In most of the games you expect to find a list of items that you need to find or a silhouette to help you to find the hard to spot items, or some points to the item. From all of that there is only one thing that helps you find the object you need and that is the story itself. What is very rare in hidden object games is the fact that finding the items is the part of the story, and I mean all of them. The story serves as a guide to discovering the items you need, and when you’re stuck on an item, just try to remember the story and its flow. With nicely done cut scenes and beautiful audio interpretation this shouldn’t be a great problem to watch, but still if you don’t feel like looking there is always the skip button. The real fun that makes this game so good is the various mini-games. There is a huge variety of play styles here, including word and number games (such as anagrams), shape-based puzzles (including tangrams), pipe connecting, logic games, jigsaw puzzles, and so forth. Unlike other mini-games in other HOG’s these mini-games give a nice level of difficulty greater than from the others. And if you get stuck in some of the mini-games you can purchase additional hints to help you solve it, if not most of them can be skipped so this shouldn’t pose any problem. Some games you'll play multiple times throughout the course of the story -- such as a match-3 style game and a neuron-connecting task -- plus there are also timed "bonus round" games that have you quickly identify a pair or trio of identical objects among many others. As this is only the first part the novel that has 9 parts if you like this game now, you surely will get pretty addictive and start waiting for the next part to be released, and to continue the journey. The only flaw of this game is if you want to play it all over the game, you won’t find any satisfaction as the items are back on the same places. If you like the mini-games and want to play them alone, after completing the game additional mode is added where you can play only the mini-games. This game is certainly a winner and is a rare gem that needs to be played.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 294

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