Latest Time Management

Ciao Bella 2

Ciao Bella is a simulation game in which you take on Elena's role.Your job is to solve the Innumerable catastrophes that arlse in the lives of your friends and family,while developing your own career,health and personal balance so that you can build a stable and satisfactory relationship with Ello.

Diner Dash

Ditch your desk job, roll up your sleeves, and serve up some grub! Help Flo grow her fledgling diner to a five star restaurant.

Hoyle Casino Empire

Hoyle Casino Empire is a casino simulation that provides all of the excitement of running a casino on your computer.


Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom. No green thumb required!


Shopmania combines puzzle action with a heaping dose of frantic strategy. Will you ever save enough money to cure your sick hamster?

Fishing Frenzy!

Come on out, the water's fine! Explore and fish 30 one-of-a-kind lakes with Fishing Frenzy!

Pizza Frenzy

Pizza Frenzy is a wacky action/puzzler that puts you in charge of your own pizza delivery empire!

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go

Flo trades in her apron for a passport to paradise!

Sushi Frenzy

Manage your own sushi restaurant! Keep your customers happy by preparing their orders with the right ingredients as quickly as possible.

Happy Hour!

Be the best bartender in town!

Wedding Dash

Help Quinn make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, Wedding Dash incorporates the plate-spinning fun from the Diner Dash series with the added challenge of pulling off the perfect wedding reception. Can you keep

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Can you help them restore some of Flo's favorite places?

Fashion Fits

Help Francie run a fast paced clothing store by stocking tables, cleaning fitting rooms, running customer service, and checking out customers.

Golden Hearts Juice Bar

Help Kelly fulfill her dream of becoming the best bartender ever at a fabulous juice bar!

Jojo's Fashion Show

Make stylish outfits from cute tops, elegant dresses and stunning heels as you showcase your fashion sense on runways from New York to Paris. And don't forget the right accessory can absolutely make the outfit!

Big Island Blends

Serve smoothies in paradise in this original challenge that's full of tropical fun!

Schoolhouse Shuffle

Help the students of Brainiac Elementary learn and thrive in this Time Management classic.

Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World

Quinn is back on a new whirlwind adventure, joined by Flo and Joe Wright, wedding photographer. Help Quinn become the world's top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game Wedding Dash.

Helen Gardener

Get out in the sun and enjoy a little gardening as you help Helen be the best gardener in town!

The Great Chocolate Chase(TM) - A Chocolatier(R) Twist

Feed your sweet tooth with an all-new, fast-paced twist on your favorite Chocolatier characters!

Popular Time Management

Double Pack Farm Frenzy and Virtual Farm

Get a double dose of life on the farm for one low price.

Jane's Realty Bundle

Construct wonderful new communities with two magnificent resource management games for one low price.

Babysitting Mania and Nanny Mania 2 Combo Pack

Enjoy two fun and exciting time management games in one great combo pack!

Wedding Dash(R) 4-Ever

Make plans to live happily ever after in the dazzling new challenge from the hit wedding series.

Ice Cream Craze - Natural Hero

Scoop up a pint of multi-flavored fun with a delightful endeavor for ice cream domination.

Fashion Forward(TM)

Help Risha launch her own line of cutting-edge clothing in a stylish new undertaking from the makers of Cake Mania.

Farm Frenzy - Gone Fishing!

Take to the sea and run an aquatic farm with Scarlett's biggest splash in the hit series.

Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers

Explore the mysterious center of beautiful Isola and uncover its tragic past in this new chapter from the hit series.

Ranch Rush(R) 2

Enjoy the island fun of a new tropical farming sequel to the hit game!

Cooking Dash(R) 3 - Thrills & Spills

See your favorite DinerToons bustling as DinerTeens in a wonderful stroll down memory lane.

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