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After the pandemic got started, we all were forced to avoid all kinds of social activities. From social events to meeting with friends, or even studying in schools, everything kept us unentertained and away from our loved ones.

While being locked down between our walls, going from a room to another, we tried to create our own worlds inside our homes and find a way to socialize regardless of all the barriers. And what better way is there to stay entertained and socialize than playing with our friends and family, meeting new people, or even having fun on our own.

2020 was no normal year, it literally changed everyone's life! Gaming played a big role in that change too, even my grandpa asked for my controller the other day! Games were just everywhere: on TVs, on computers, in commercials, on shirts, and even on ads while visiting your favorite online shop.

From top-selling games to free games to online or offline games to individual or group games, in this list, we chose the ones that were the most played during this year and were judged as the most entertaining. These games are not solely here because they ranked well during lockdown but also because if you did not play them yet we highly recommend you to. Without further ado, here is the list :

10. Doom Eternal


 All about those first-person shooter games much? Well, we got your back with this award-winning game. As a successor to the original 2016 released game « Doom » and the fifth in the Doom series, this game is more than just an expansion of the series. The main story is about the Doom Slayer who is trying to save humans from extermination. The main character fights against the evil powers of an alien to kill people and saves the earth from hell.

If you are into aliens and fictionary games, do not hesitate to try it out, it might be the dealbreaker for you!


9. Red Dead Redemption II



As a part of the Red Dead Redemption series that started in 2010, Red Dead Redemption II is definitely one to play during the lockdown. This game is taking us back to 1899 representing the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States era where the action and adventure used to happen. The outlaw Arthur is challenged to survive against the government laws, gangsters, and more along with John his fellow gang member. The game is an open-world kind of game showing a lot of 1890s aspects such as horse riding and hunting etc. if you are an adventure lover I bet that you will love this game.


8. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout



Are you a graphics fan? Or more like a jelly characters fan? Because this game is all about that kind of fun. Introducing Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game where those cute jelly bean-like creatures run and jump for their lives through mazes. The first player to arrive in time or the last to survive is the winner. This game is so much fun for all ages and does not need pre-acquired abilities from playing similar games. It is easy, simple, and very satisfying to play especially with friends and family.


7. Grand Theft Auto V




This one is definitely not new but it certainly is one that lasted for long. Just who has not played GTA yet right? And you know what, this game is still on gaining 7th place in our list.

I mean you probably know it all, but let me remind you in case you have not played this game since it came out. it is an open-world,  storytelling, mission-based game that goes around the journey of three criminals who are planning plots for survival and success.


6. Rainbow Six Siege




And the winner of first place in our today's list is Among Us with a rating of 10/10 on Steam. This game was originally created in 2018 but only became famous during the pandemic era. It all started when Sodapoppin began streaming the game on twitch to his 2.8 million followers in July. And it took only a few months for it to be played and streamed by many gamers, YouTubers, TikTok celebrities, and many other known faces.

Among Us is a multiplayer game that is more similar to a board game. It consists of a group of people ranging from 2 to 10 players divided into two categories: crewmates and impostors. The players are dropped in a spaceship. They have to accomplish their tasks without being killed by the impostor. The goal is to either complete all the tasks without being killed or voting off the impostors. It is a simple yet fun game with funny cartoon characters and good enough graphics to captivate the attention of the young and adult.

This is our list for today, do not forget to check out our « 5 Reasons Why Games Are Good For You ».  

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