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1. The first one is surely the Angry Bird. This game was so popular that it started to make android devices popular. There are lots of people who bought Android devices only to play this awesome game. The game play is simple. You will have to use Angry Birds to smash things. If you haven’t tried this game yet, play it now. This game is also available for iOS and PC but the android fun is something else altogether. Try it and you will not regret. This is a free game and soon you will get addicted to this game if you play with full potential. 



2.The next one is the Asphalt series. Especially the Asphalt 8 which is also known as Airborne. IF you are a racing game lover then you can’t ignore this game. This is real, this is high tense and this is interesting. This game is developed by Gameloft and they published it too which means that there is guaranteed fun in this game. If you love racing, download this free game and start playing now.




3. Clash of Clans is the next one. Again, this game is a very popular one. This is a strategic game and the game will continue till death. Supercell developed and published this game. The game released in 2012 and already is a high ranked one. This is a game where you will have to apply the power of your throne. Do you love ancient things? This will be a great game for you then.



4. The next one is Dots. Yes, it is a light game, it is a casual game but it is a great game to pass your leisure hours. People love to play this game when they are waiting or doing nothing. You can play this game, you 2 year old child can play this game and a elder person can also play this game. A great time pass game. You must try it.



5. The next one is 2048. Yes that is the name of a game and if you haven’t played this game, you missed a lot of things. This is a great game to improve brain power. This is the reason why people love this game so much. The game is new, and already famous. It ranked high in playstore and people love this game. You can download it too. It is free and it will energize your brain in a quick time. Be aware, it is not that easy to play. Can you beat the records? 



These 5 games are now the world's most popular android games. 

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