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Join the globe-trotting team at Treasure Masters Inc. for a fantastic adventure of hidden object fun. Embark on an exhilarating quest to unearth an amazing artifact from the bottom of the sea in level after level of addictive gameplay. Take on challenging hidden object levels, solve dozens of unique puzzles, and enjoy relaxing mini-games. Can you find the hidden treasures before your enemies do? Test the waters with the free trial or download the full version of Treasure Masters Inc. and dive in to the thrilling adventure, spectacular artwork, and amazing fun of this compelling hidden object challenge today.

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    Experience the thrill of becoming a member of a family of treasure hunters as you play this unique hidden object game. You are Gordon Jones in the game and can have plenty of fun on a thrilling adventure, touring around the world and looking for amazing artifacts from the depths of the ocean aboard a lost ship. Gordon sets out with his grandfather on a quest to uncover the treasure before their enemies can find it. But he soon finds his grandfather disappearing under mysterious circumstances while flying over the Pacific Ocean. He is the sole heir of the family's treasure hunting business but as he takes it up, he is surprised to learn that there were a lot of people who were arch rivals of his grandfather and could have done anything to throw his business out of gear. So begins a frantic search for clues, seeking hidden objects and solving ingenious puzzles across 48 levels in the game. The mini games are somewhat relaxing act as a breather between levels of object hunting challenges. The feature that makes this game different from other HOG games is the multiple step approach to finding objects and the possible manipulation of some objects to reveal certain items on the list. A simple example of the latter would be opening the blinds to look at the moon. A multi-tiered object seeking is brought out in the game where tasks like finding a key lying at the bottom of a fishbowl. The key can only be fetched once the fish in the bowl is removed with a net. So finding a net and adding it to the inventory and then using it to take the fish out can only give you access to the key. Some objects are referred to by their names and some are just displayed as a silhouette. The complex challenge level of the gameplay would surely test your intellect and is basically meant for experienced hidden object gamers. Each chapter in the game has objects to be found and is a combination of tasks and puzzles spread over two or three locations. There are a specified number of hints in each chapter though more can be bought by exchanging gold coins once you spot them. There are light inventory puzzles as well to be played and you would have to move back and forth between the locations to complete tasks or find objects to be used. Two modes are available for playing-one is timed where you race against the clock and look for objects and the other being untimed offers a relaxed and casual gameplay. The ten mini games are fun and engrossing too. The graphics done in photo realism might sometimes appear blurry but overall each scene exemplifies excellent artwork. The background score is average but the story line and the interactive gameplay make up for any deficiencies if at all. Enter the fascinating realm of treasure hunters and help Gordon reveal an unknown world of treasures.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 106

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