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Your task is to lead a remote Caribbean island to prosperity, using whatever means necessary. Absolute Power adds "more of everything" to the gameplay and focuses on new ways to cement your reign as "El Presidente". Absolute Power requires the full version of Tropico 3 PC to play.

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    Tropico 3 Absolute Power is an expansion to a game, which maybe needed a bit of refreshment and with this addition it, got a lot of it. A lot of aspects of the game have been improved making it more challenging and more enjoyable. Starting with the beginning of the game, it introduces you with a very detailed tutorial, which was very wanted in the past releases as the tutorials from those games weren’t satisfying for explanation on how to play the game. This tutorial however does fulfill its duty very well but the thing is that this is an expansion of the game, as most of the gamers that will play the game have already played it before, with the knowledge of how to play. There will be more information about the economics of the game, industry also etc… The menus of the game which show you the current status are additionally upgraded, providing you with more information about your inhabitants and their needs, like are they happy enough and so. One of the greater improvements but not the biggest one was introducing and displaying of more details that concerned the buildings that you built. Farms tell you how long it will be until their next harvest, eliminating the questioning game while you struggle to keep the island afloat financially. Another thing that will please the players is the additional building to break the monotony of the Tropico 3 and some nice options too. One of those options and which will come in handy plenty of times are to print additional money for the state. This of course has negative influence on the whole country as the prices of goods and material grow, in fact prices of everything will grow, and the worth of the state’s currency will drop down but this option shows its worth at the end of some challenges were you need just a little push to complete it. More challenges to the game mean more exploring and more islands, and one of those challenges will be facing aliens that came to earth but also form a secret police called the Alpha Files, which needs to solve mysterious and unsolved cases. The thing that made my gameplay much easier is the introduction of another building, the Wind Turbine. In the previous parts this was a bit of a problem at the beginning of the game as power plants need a lot of money to be built, and this solution resolved that problem very effectively supplying the building on the beginning with enough electricity for a small price. Grade schools boost intelligence and can be used to indoctrinate kiddos into the Loyalist faction. A pricey nuclear program can fend off circling US and USSR warships, and many more… There is however one more thing worth very much of mentioning. Many structures got their report of their state, but the thing that paid out the most is with the all-time status report of the fractions that are found in the state. Capitalists, Communists, Militarists, the new Loyalists and others like the Intellectuals are all part of a system that needs to be satisfied. Before, when things get a bit tough and fractions start to rebel you needed to guess with what structure you could satisfy them and quenched a possible civil war. Now you have everything what you need right in front of you with the exact demands of every fraction to what they desire so their movement of fractions can be spread. For example the Intellectuals will want schools, libraries, and so one, while the military will want armories, training grounds and similar. There are other building added in the game like a satellite dish lets you hunt for aliens and spy on the superpowers. Entertainment and tourism have been revamped with Ferris wheels, marinas, and balloon rides over monuments like ancient pyramids. Giant monuments can be used to satisfy your ego. About this ego thing, this is served so you can be appraised by your people but do this only when you have some extra cash to spend. Other changes in the game are like with the El Presidente, as new outfits are made for him to change, which is kind of nice. One thing which pretty much got on everybody’s nerves is definitely the DJ who just doesn’t stop babbling all the time. Every change that happens in the land is mentioned by the DJ and even if something that is built is generally a good thing, is stinks, it sucks, bla bla bla etc… But putting together all the cons and pros of the game we get a pretty handy game which gives a very nice gameplay in which you won’t be disappointed. With the easier interface, games mechanics and a lot of new content, the game provides with enough fun and excitement that you simply won’t regret playing it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 9.99
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