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The traditional holiday tale takes a dark twist when Marley falls victim to a knife in his back courtesy of one old miser. Now, Marleys ghost not only seeks vengeance against his crotchety former partner, but also tries to undo the damage that has befallen the town. With the assistance from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, he will travel back and forth through time to make things right. Follow Marley on this strange journey to reveal the truth of his unfortunate passing. Search for thousands of hidden objects across 20 challenging levels detailed with beautiful Victorian scenes. Enjoy 20 interactive adventure puzzles and dozens of challenging mini-games. With unexpected twists, challenging tests, and an innovative new take on the classic tale, this is one humbug of an adventure.

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    This game is special, as I can’t figure out a better opening word then that, it’s simply special. This is because the games theme is very familiar and based on a story that has been told from generation to generation and since the TV and radio exists told worldwide to many people, but mostly children. However, this story didn’t find its audience through TV or radio, as the main audience has come from a totally different side and that is books. Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol," is the story we are talking about but not quite the versions you are probably used to. Ebeneezer Scrooge is ruthless old man who only thinks of himself and nobody else, except money. That is the only thing that he respects the most in the world. In the original story he was visited by the three spirits of the Christmas; past, present and future. In this version the spirits are still there but they will play a bit different role than the one you know where every one of them took Scrooge to see the different time intervals. But this time his partner Jacob Marley has been murdered and of course there can only be one suspect for this severe deed. The reason for the murder is not so quite clear, but surely it has something to do with money. So the spirit of Jacob Marley won’t rest in peace until the justice is served, and what better way of doing that by teaming up with the three Christmas spirits. This premise almost promises a splendid gameplay as the story is almost perfect. The fans of the book won’t like it perhaps or could even love it more than the original, it all depends on them, but the story certainly is the best things about this game. Marley joins up with the spirits, to look with the Past why has Scrooge become what the is today, then the Present to see all the situation and misery that Scrooge caused and of course the Future to see what will happen to everybody if Scrooge is allowed to continue with his ‘methods’. I mentioned this again because the rest of the game parts aren’t satisfying the level of the story. The level that I’m talking about is the difficulty as the game surely doesn’t present any type of challenge and is simply too easy. The ‘challenges’ that you need to solve are far away from being challenges. The gameplay is also set in a small moving area, which as a result won’t have you doing a lot of backtracking which is a good thing as a lot of people have gotten tired of those constantly backtracking in the HOG’s. But this also means les items to find and eventually far less game duration too. But on the other hand another option works in a totally different direction trying to give the game more gameplay. When you collect items and put them in your inventory you will save them for later to use it on a specific place intended for that item. After that the item you have used on that place disappears and that is nothing new to the HOG genre; however you will find that that same item (or multiple items on multiple places) can be used for the same or similar cause. This sounds kind a weird and unused but the items that you need and don’t have them in your inventory are always nearby and won’t be representing some adventure to find them. The game has only one mini-game however this mini-game is quite amusing. It will probably get repetitive as you will be playing it over and over, but there is nothing you can do about it. The mini-game appears every time when the area in which you are in is completely and every item picked up. In that moment you start the mini game where you put an orb in her right place to reverse or forward the time, to travel to the same place but in a different time period. Putting it all together especially because of the graphics which is beautiful by the way with the mini-game time travel well detailed giving you a very nice experience. Basically the game is intended for the ones who don’t expect much from a game that will make they grey cells work, but more to relax them or not to use them at all. The game is almost flawless in other parts and probably will find its share of customers.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 270

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