Two new iPad ads, -Alive- and -Together-, hit the airwaves

Two new iPad ads, -Alive- and -Together-, hit the airwaves description

The two new ads, fittingly titled as "Alive" and "Together", begin with a spell of adjectives that are flashing across the screen in swift succession to a drum beat, each of the adjectives highlighting an app from over 300,000 applications specifically made for the iPad, such as, FaceTime,, AmpliTube, GarageBand, iMovie, TED, iBooks, Toca Hair Salon, Dinosaur Zoo, Vimeo, Glow Hockey 2 HD, and Rockmate.

The two commercials turn up soon after Apple Inc. launched a new billboard advertising campaign with a theme of the same kind, and appear to go with the new billboards that are posted by the side of many highways and railway stations within major urban areas.

These new ads by Apple, try to put a spotlight on the software that drive their iPad tablet lineup, the ecosystem that is exclusive to the iOS, which has not been matched by rival yet.

Many have noted that the hands in the ads, using the devices, change according to what kind of app is being used. There is a point in one of the ads, “Together”, where apparently a small baby is using a word identification app.

The ad campaigns of Apple have always been extremely successful, especially the ones that were aired to promote the Apple iPad mini subsequent to its release. Apple is known for always being focused on a device’s usability instead of its technology from the time when they unveiled the original iPad back in 2010. Nevertheless, the company seems to refocus the new ad campaign on the apps available for the iPad, which have also played a significant role in the success of the device.

You can check the Apple’s new “Alive” commercial below.

Two new iPad ads, -Alive- and -Together-, hit the airwaves videos

Two new iPad ads, -Alive- and -Together-, hit the airwaves screenshots

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