Latest Tycoon Simulation


Super 1 Karting

Endure the ultimate go-karting game experience!

Cue Club

Chalk your cue and get ready for billiards action in this simulation game.

Arcade Pool II

Enter the pool halls and shoot your way through this realistic billiards game.

Cue Club (Espaol)

Chalk your cue and get ready for billiards action in this simulation game.

Minigolf Master 2

Play mini-golf like never before, with incredible 3-D graphics, 18 themed courses, and over 160 holes!

Moon Tycoon

Manage your own 3-D lunar colony.

Construction Destruction

Be the boss of your own construction company and build and demolish with heavy equipment!

18 Wheels of Steel: Across America

You're the owner of your own trucking business and you answer to no one.

Apache AH-64 Air Assault

You're in control of the world's most advanced, most lethal multi-mission attack helicopter ever built.

Snowboard Park Tycoon

Take the challenge and become a Snowboard Park Tycoon! Do whatever it takes to attract snowboarders and become the King of the Mountain!

SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon

Enter one of America's most wondrous, fun and entertaining adventure parks - SeaWorld! But you're not a guest, YOU'RE IN CHARGE!

3D Mini Golf

Grab your putter as you take on the most weird and wacky crazy golf courses that you've ever seen.

Airport Tycoon 3

This is the world of an Airport Tycoon. Where control is your only job, and success is your only option. WELCOME ABOARD.

Airport Tycoon 2

The weatherman predicts a tornado. Planeloads of baggage have disappeared. Flight delays have left customers in an uproar. Now, your most valuable airline is ready to pull the plug on a lucrative contract.

Starters Orders

Realistic new Horse Racing Management game. Own, train, and ride at over 30 world-wide racecourses.

School Tycoon

Build and run your school the way YOU want to! Set up classrooms, offices, athletics, and add entertainment to increase your popularity!

Cruise Ship Tycoon

Here's your chance to build, staff, promote and command your own luxury cruise ship. Keep your guests happy and the crew in line!

Print Workshop: Heartfelt Holiday Greeting Cards

Create impressive projects and personalized cards that truly express your creativity.

Snooker (ENG)

Chalk your virtual cue and get ready to play Snooker! Play against a range of computerised players or against a friend in a variety of locations.

Let's Ride: Corral Club

This is your chance to own and care for the horse of your dreams!

Popular Tycoon Simulation


Moon Tycoon

Manage your own 3-D lunar colony.

Baseball Mogul 2007

Baseball Mogul 2007 lets you create or take charge of any Major League Baseball team from 1900 to 2006 while managing all operations and team objectives.

Delicious 2

Emily's back for more delicious fun in this fast-paced sequel! Help Emily rescue her family's finances in five all-new restaurants, each with a unique menu and theme. Shuffle 07

MLB.COM Shuffle 07 takes the excitement of last years game to new levels with online leaderboards and a season play mode.

Happyville - Quest for Utopia

Construct the city of your dreams in an engaging simulation game where you are in charge.

Restaurant Empire 2

The sequel to the widely popular Restaurant Empire game takes you further into the depths and delights of the culinary universe than ever before.

Cycling Manager 3

Cycling Manager 3 covers up to 10 World Cup races including the Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, three 7-day stage races & five semi classics.


Master the timing and accuracy needed to bring simple dishes to the table by executing their various steps and combining ingredients at the right times to create a finished product your customers and the critics will love!

Farm Vet

Farm Vet will tug on your heartstrings, make you laugh and challenge your mind.

Create City

Plan the construction of a city in the real-time-strategy game Create City!

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