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Many years have passed since the first colonists arrived in Esperanza. Through hard work and determination, they gradually setup base on their adopted planet. Over time, leaders emerged, a government was formed, commerce flourished and the pilgrims from Earth eventually made the planet of the three suns their home. But recently, a deep space monitor registered a strong and mysterious reading. Esperanza's scientists scrambled to investigate the disturbance and made an alarming discovery - a wormhole had opened close to their planet. And even more disturbing, something had come through... was headed directly toward them. Concerns of an alien invasion abounded. In response, the United Government of Esperanza decided to send two recon ships, Lewis and Clark, to ascertain the truth. After two weeks time, the recon ships arrived the location of the mysterious reading... and, as feared, discovered an alien vessel. But apparently the ship had somehow failed while en route Esperanza. It had crash landed on to a small planet in the system. The crews of Lewis and Clark landed on the surface, explored the crash site and recovered an alien computer and a chamber full of hibernated aliens. Upon returning home, an analysis of the computer and of the aliens took place at The Esperanza Security Center. What the military scientists discovered was terrible news. Earth had been invaded and subjugated by alien hordes. They had plundered the planet's terrestrial resources and enslaved the humans. Immediately an emergency council was called to decide what to do. The council quickly determined that the fate that had befallen Earth could befall them. They vowed to be ready if the aliens decided to invade. To defend against the aliens, Esperanza gathered the planet's best scientists, engineers, and soldiers and formed them into a single unit - the Counter Alien Force (CAF). And it is on the shoulders of that force that the very survival of the human race now rests.

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    X-COM UFO Defense is a game created in the early 90s. With its huge success it has made its way up until today, and some of the real fans who stick to the genre which are still on a look out for a proper substitution play the game in the hope of finding one. Every half year someone tries with its release of the game, done of course in its own way with their own ideas. Since the game was released many have tired, none have succeeded. UFO Extraterrestrials is another failure that will upgrade the original game to a whole new level. Here are the facts: The place where you are fighting the aliens is the planet that is called Esperanza (on Spanish: Hope). The initial base comes equipped with interceptor craft that are used to shoot down any UFOs that come within the base's detection range and then attack the downed saucer sites with teams of RPG-styled soldiers in turn-based tactical combat sequences based on an action-point-reliant movement system. Completing these missions successfully lets your soldiers earn new skills, and after searching the crash site a possibility of getting new weapons for your ground teams. But how will the mission end when attacking the crashed saucer it also depends against which race you are fighting. There are numerous creatures featured, including giant insects, half-humanoid slugs, and floating blobs, each with different attacks that range from laser blasts and gas bombs to paralyzing mental blasts. As you discover the mysteries of alien technology, you can then build advanced equipment to deal with the growing alien menace. The more successful you are in your mission, the more funding you'll get from the nations of Esperanza. Money is the key figure in this game, as you will need it for expanding your operation across the whole planet. Doing so requires a couple of key elements in the game to come together and match. Your troops will grow stronger with every mission completed in the game. Unlocking the secrets of an alien technology and then turning it on your foes is another of the game's undeniable joys. As for the games story, there isn’t much to tell as the aliens are invading your planet, and the only thing you can do is defend yourself by destroying them. One of the problems you will encounter in the game is the superiority of the alien races upon your troops. When you go out to search for them even if you don’t see them they will see you with their, exceptional sight and hearing. What will get on your nerves is that the game gives you the peripheral vision, but it is almost unusable. You will be given a certain number of maps you will use and in combination with different missions after a while you will see repetition of some maps, but that is negligible due to the variety of aliens you will encounter. In the early stages, before you can level up troops, increase their shooting skills, and provide them with high-tech weapons, you have to get within a couple of squares of an alien to have a better than 50 percent chance of hitting it. The initial equipment package is very humble, aside from jeep-tank hybrid vehicles. Another thing that is bugging me the soldiers can’t be killed in the game. Normally that should be a good thing, as they mostly end up in a hospital for a couple of weeks. But the problem is then you lack in soldiers and the game doesn’t allow you to recruit new ones, but the game itself gives you more soldiers when it thinks you need them. The only way to kill your soldiers is blowing up the jeep-tank with the soldiers in it. Esperanza is divided into large zones and you'll need to make sure you build enough detection and interception bases around the planet to provide good protection for your most generous funding nations. When it comes to engineers and scientists, you get them with the construction of a lab and a workshop. All in all what the fans of the game expect they won’t get, they will get more of a copy of the game, with slight improvements but also additional bugs in the game. The game serves its purpose and will distract you for a couple of hours in its own world, but the true feeling of this very old game hasn’t been made, yet…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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