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With the advent of PS3, we have new titles and new exclusive games for the console. Of course, the long console had a trump card, and one of the titles that was exclusive to the PS3 is Uncharted. This game has achieved such success with players that are expected arrive and extensions for Uncharted. Lots of excitement and adventure they did this legendary game, although some tried to challenge already in the first proceeding. Uncharted is compared with Tomb Raider for environment and similar adventurous way of playing, but the similarity stops all.



Uncharted is a series of games that is brought by the new experience on PS3 console. With the advent of PS4 is expected to transfer new game just for her, but recent news suggests that, in addition to the PS4 game works as a variant of the PS3. It is expected the game to be in the market later this year, but was transferred to March next year. Perhaps this is the reason that at the end of this year we expect even some good titles and is Uncharted postponed for the time being less good games. Worth the wait.



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