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Uncover a chilling tale not for the faint of heart in Vampire Saga - Pandora's Box, and take a dark journey into the macabre. Tyler receives a frantic phone call from his grandfather and races to him. Upon his arrival, he finds a disturbing scene as his grandfather recounts events that are back to haunt him, and will turn Tyler's world upside down. Follow along as Tyler's grandfather reveals his dark past. Experience the ill-fated events through unsettling hidden object scenes at his grandfather's house and aboard the ship, Pandora's Box. Analyze clues and solve challenging puzzles to understand the tragedy that befell the ship's crew. As you dig deeper for answers, the haunting truth will be revealed. Critics love the gripping storyline, labeling it "one of the few that pulls off an ending that really leaves you speechless". Experience it for yourself when you play Vampire Saga - Pandora's Box free with the demo version or download the full version today.

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    Some of us really enjoy listening stories from our grandparents, what adventures have they come across, what mysteries have they encountered, and what magnificent things have they seen through their lifetime. But when you receive a call from your grandfather, in which he tells you that he has killed a woman, that’s something you don’t come across everyday… So the story starts, and Tyler rushes to his grandfather to find out what happened, and he had something to see. The room was totally trashed, and it looked like his grandfather had a heart attack. When he finally came around, he called Tyler again to tell him what really happened. When he was young, Tyler’s grandfather was stranded in a port in the middle of the Spanish-American war. In the desire to go back home as soon as possible, he came across a strange ship called Pandora. The myth about Pandora is that a woman called Pandora opened a box that was gifted to her by the supreme god, Zeus, in one condition, never to open it. And as that myth, this ship has a suitable name by its mysterious stories, and its content. Without a choice left, he boards Pandora, to be left unconscious as soon he was on the deck. When he woke up he started to search the ship and found nothing, not a soul. No captain, no crew, almost completely empty, but there was something... Besides constant hallucinations, and weird sounds, he saw he was in the middle of the sea, with the anchor stuck, he was left with only one choice, and that is to completely search the ship for a way to escape it. In the mean time he finds out some of the secrets of the Pandora, through constant clue searching and objects that were hidden, which became revealed. The game play consists mostly of point and click adventure game with a good combination with HOG. You search through different rooms objects that you need, which are listed in the inventory. The game is not given a possibility of endless clicks that is if you start to search items with random clicks with your mouse (pointer) it will start to “fly around” on its own for a brief time. To avoid such matter, there is a hint system which helps very much, especially in this kind of situations. The time for recharge doesn’t take much, about a minute, so you won’t be waiting too long in between clicks, if you don’t find the next item. If you use the hint in a clear room without any more items to discover it informs you that there aren’t any items left in that room, and to continue to the next area, without losing that hint. The items are being stored in the inventory, at least the ones you need, and as soon they have been used and become unnecessary for the rest of the game they are being deleted from the inventory. As most of the games it has some minor glitches, in fact not glitches, than it’s more a bad spelling, so some items can become unclear, which leads automatically use of hint system. The most positive thing about the game is the story that gets you tangled in a web of dark secrets and astonishing discoveries which make the “bugs” almost unnoticeable. As soon as you try the demo, you’ll definitely buy the full version of the game, and enjoy uncovering what lies behind the Pandora secrets.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 76

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