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Melissa was once one of the most sought-after cat burglars who decided to turn a new leaf on life. After living abroad under a false identity, she takes a trip to her hometown and introduces her son Noah to where she grew up, but that goes horribly wrong when he is kidnapped. Now, in order to free her son, she must take on one last job for a mysterious blackmailer. But does she still possess the skills to complete the task? Help Melissa in this race against time to rescue Noah and catch the kidnapper. Search through gritty city streets to complete the job at hand while figuring out the identity of your adversary, and keeping a low profile from the cops. Use your intelligence to outwit foes, crack safes with backup from your tech-savvy friend Mouse, and give people the slip by changing costumes. With unique hidden object searches, challenging puzzles, entertaining mini-games, and a thrilling storyline, you'll be riveted every step of the way!

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    When someone would tell you a story about a woman who had everything in her life working as a burglar and not just any burglar but as the one that top of her class, you would automatically imagine a Hollywood actress in a stylish scene where she does her job with pure sensuality, just like black widow, deadly and beautiful. But what happens when this deadly woman becomes a mother? Melissa has left behind her, her entire past life and taken a second identity and moved in a foreign country to raise her child far away from everything that had her connected to her work and past life. But nostalgic memories came over her and she decided to return to her hometown together with her child just so she can live to see her worst nightmare come true. Soon after arrival to the airport she discovers that her son has been kidnapped. The kidnaper has one simple demand for Melisa, and that is one last job to do for him. Of course without no choice but to do what she has been asked to do the game begins with her finding clues to find her son, but also rob a couple of vaults on the way. As you start your search to find Melissa’s son, you will stumble upon a whole bunch of different hidden items that you need to explore and pick the right ones out. The HOG sections of Vault Cracker are broken into two different types. The game will provide a lot of searching and interacting with items, as they are now standard for almost every HOG. You will need to use or find and then use those items for other specific items in the game, so it could reveal an item that you really need. For example, you might have to find some gas and parts in order to move a lawnmower out of your way, or some tools to open up a crate. The second type would be the scenes when the cursor changes into the magnifying glass. When you stumble upon this scene you will click with the magnifying glass on it showing you a more detailed scene which you need to explore in finding items that are necessary for advancing through the game as they will be needed somewhere else. If you are stuck somewhere in the game and don’t know what to do next the game helps you in a very practical way. It is not a pixel hunting, then more just of a moving your cursor across the screen until an icon shows up with a white man without the Do not enter sing on him. The hint system for the items is also there as it tells you where the item that you are looking for is and the hints themselves recharge pretty fast too. At the end of each chapter you are given final challenge to complete for it. A safe must be cracked and opened up, by solving puzzles which are different from safe to safe. These puzzles will present challenges more difficult than the rest of the game. That’s what happens on the end of each chapter, but on the beginning of the chapter you have this neat option of dressing up Melissa the way you want to. The player is invited to rummage her sister's room for clothes and make-up to help her disguise herself on her mission, where you will kill additional time too. But the end of the chapter isn’t done with cracking the safe. You have still one little game to finish before the chapter is over, and that is to pick out a single person in the crowd. You are given a clue one by one that you apply to the people stand in front of you and eliminating one by one. The clues will be like, the person doesn’t wear a hat, or it doesn’t have mustache, etc… until there only one person left. The game isn’t something special though, even if it tries to be. The game developers dared to go a step forward and try something different, because a lot of nowadays HOG’s are made on the same scheme. Introducing new ideas is necessary for this genre or the games that come out won’t stand out at all from the MANY others which are on the market. That’s why this game has thumbs up from me and maybe the next release will have it all to become a great game only with pros and without cons.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 211

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