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Guide your nation through one hundred years of history (1836 1935)! Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun" was hailed as the ultimate World Domination and Empire-Building simulation. The boxed pack of "Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun" and the expansion; Victoria: Revolutions completes the gaming experience and opens up the possibility to continue the game in Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday. Pan the absolute monarchies of the early 1800s to the dawn of the 20th century and the industrialized Great Powers! Gather the wealth and strength required to stay ahead of your enemies, gain invaluable prestige and honor, and reform the nation into a free democracy. Or, drive your people down the grim road of tyranny, corruption, and anarchy... VICTORIA focuses on six different aspects of governing a nationall interconnected to provide in-depth game play that is still easily manageable. You direct your nation in the fields of Diplomacy, Warfare, Economy & industrialization, Colonization, Technological Research and Politics. VICTORIA is all about recreating world history according to your wishes. While striving to simulate the unique conditions and prerequisites of the time period as closely as possible, the decision-making

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    Here we have a double pack for a game that was quite a theme for a lot of forums in its time. Victoria Complete contains the first package Victoria: An Empire under the Sun and the expansion pack Victoria: Revolution. First it will be a quick review of the original and then the expansion pack. Victoria: An Empire under the Sun starts with the opening scene with a runaway locomotive going straight for you. As it was getting closer to you and starting to get in the line of view, the video ends and other clips start barging in with different and important facts from history in the 19th century and the early 20th. There will be a lot of scenes from the WW 1, The American Civil War, and other horrible sights from the past. Victoria is a game that will show what the people from the two past centuries had to live through to stay alive and what where they up against. The level of details is incredibly high with the facts about history about almost every country in the world, but when you combine that facts with a couple of really good technical problems, only hardcore fans will stick around to play the first part of the game. You can take charge of any country (from Great Powers like Britain and France to relative trifles like Australia and Canada) in the solo or multiplayer (online or LAN) Grand Campaign, which runs the full 84-year length of the time period. Budgets are set, elections are held, technologies are researched, provinces are colonized, revolts are suppressed, armies are built, wars are declared, peace treaties are signed, and neighbors are annexed, and so on. The biggest problem of the game is its high-density swirl of information but with no tutorial to the game to make your life easier when it comes to playing it. You will be searching and fighting through the game, with the game itself too, as you will have scenes when running a great nation with enormous founding’s and operation that need to be tracked in the state, and suddenly you must take care of almost every province in the country. The micromanagement won’t definitely leave you flat hearted. Of course the most important thing in the game is the money that must keep pouring in the national treasury. The expenses of running the states are high, and not all the money spent within it stays inside, so a regular income is a necessity to keep your economic structure normalized. The huge number of bugs in the game was being fixed through different patches, but with little or almost no effect. Different patches and the game forums were announcing some shortcuts or minor corrections that the players could use by alone to obtain more stability in the game. Soon the immensely hard to sustain and to play game, got an expansion pack Victoria: Revolution, which luckily for us made some significant changes in the gameplay and the technical issues were dealt very efficiently. It contained so many subtle tweaks and improvements to the game that every fan had to have it. The goal of the game stays the same, and the graphics of the game hasn’t been touched at all. The big change to the focus of the game involves stretching the open-ended grand campaign from the original terminus of 1920 to the end of 1935 (a move that comes complete with new units, historical events, and inventions). The greatest feature of the Revolution pack is definitely the possibility of importing settings from the game to its following game release by the same game manufacture, Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday. The gameplay of the game has been extended and improved in many ways. The glitches and flaws of the first Victoria were either resolved or deleted from the game. As for the main resource of the game, money, it is now better dealt with and it can’t be misused by the game or the player as it happened in the first part. This greatly eases the crushing levels of micromanagement in the original game and sets up more realistic economics where capitalists take charge of developments and build the factories that they want, when they want. A couple of significant parts of the game have been altered but in more of a positive way making the game more playable and easier to play. You will discover a lot of good changes but there are some new ones, not as bad as the previous ones where, but that’s how it goes with games and expansions. The only thing that still wasn’t corrected by the game developer is putting the tutorial in the game. The game developer did a lot of game repairing with this expansion, but the thing that makes the game more clear for the beginner users, and some of the old dogs too, are just not there, so basically you will be learning it through the game, mostly by your own mistakes. If it was just the first part of the game I wouldn’t recommend buying it, but since this package contains the expansion pack, you have to stop and think at least twice. It is very playable now, it is only up to you whether you will like it or not.

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