Video proves iPhone 5 is no match for lasers

Video proves iPhone 5 is no match for lasers description

Of all the YouTube videos of people mutilating, destroying, smashing, and otherwise throwing away hundreds of dollars just for a few thousand views, this iPhone 5 destruction video is one of the coolest. It shows the effects of high-powered lasers on Apple's latest phone. Spoiler alert: the iPhone 5 doesn't like it.

It is yet another demonstration of the power of the products offered by Wicked Lasers. The company has gained notoriety for items like the Krypton with an 85-mile range, and this ridiculous contraption that looks like a weapon from a galaxy far far away.

Wicked Lasers has been the source of viral videos for some time, with demonstrations ranging from popping balloons to lighting matches, all with the power of lasers. That is the set-up for this new iPhone 5 video. So a user decided it would be fun to see that same technology beamed directly at the seemingly indestructible smartphone.

When placed under the intense effects of the Wicked Lasers Flash Torch, the phone was completely destroyed in a matter of seconds. So what was the point of this? Aside from making a great viral video, the user in question decided to put the broken iPhone 5 on eBay. By Sunday afternoon, bidding had already gone past $300.

The YouTube video has received more than 300,000 views, with about 75% of users "liking" it and 25% giving it a thumbs down. Comments range from calling the phone's owner stupid to saying it was awesome. Either way, it's certainly a better way to break an iPhone than smashing it on the ground or taking a hammer to it.

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