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In Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail, you are a Special Forces commando, and the enemy has quickly surrounded you. With gunfire abounding, you must find your way out of this bloody turmoil using an arsenal of weapons, including Howitzer artillery, Napalm air strikes, a Vulcan machine gun, an RPG, and your service pistol. Are you up for the challenge?

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    Introduction: Have you ever wondered how it is to fight in the real war? We'll all seen different movies and TV series with gunshots, killings and so on, but the real think would be to have your own weapon and use it in a real life battle. If you’ve seen movies like “We are soldiers” and “Apocalypse Now” – you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is you against mean and dangerous soldiers whose main object is to determine your life, but on the other hand it is yours object too. Gameplay: Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail is the game where you get thrilled and lost in the game and time for several hours without knowing it. This is a game for one person where you’re put into a field of the battle in Vietnam. You’ve got 60 missions to complete with different levels and different objectives. You’re an American soldier and you’ll face hoards of enemy units with variety of weapons like your M16 which can zoom in, a mini gun, a mortar, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, pistol and other. But if you find yourself in a dead-end situation you can call in artillery and napalm strikes and you can use them as many times as you want. Mow you may ask yourself why to play this particular game, well you can play it as many times as you want, as it has good visual effects, death animations are very colorful with hats flying off VC soldiers and napalm men running around on fire. The different mission objectives change throughout the levels, for an example: you’ll have to stop supply lines or defend Huey’s or cut down waves of charging infantry and at the same time weather changes and you’ll have different parts of the day – day and night. Another important is this game is very realistic, because developers tried to make it as much more similar to real war in Vietnam, with same land, soldiers on both sides and etc… One thing which makes the game realistic is a fixed position of the game. You’ll find out that during attacks in the field, enemies, gunfire, mortars, artillery and napalm, all of them have different effects on different bodies where you get action and realism. You have hundreds of troops and vehicles charging at you from all possible positions and you’ll blast them with all possible weapons you’ve got. At your hand you’ll have different things to fight with – M16, a minigun, a mortar, a rocket-launcher, a pistol but also napalm airstrikes and artillery if you find yourself in a position where you can’t defend yourself anymore and/or low on weapons. You’ll call for Huey to resupply but be careful, but be careful, you’ll have to defend it too, because it can be blasted to scrap and none of your troops will have any benefit. However, the game tells you to defend it but sometimes you’ll get into a situation with hundreds of enemies surrounding you. As for weapons – that’s the best thing about this game, the more damage you do to your enemies the longer it takes for them to reload and to be able to fight, and the weapons are extremely fun. For example when you drop mortar rounds into a huge crowd of enemies and at the same time artillery strikes are decimating enemy’s bodies, it is why you started playing this game. Furthermore napalm strikes burns enemy’s troops and so stop them from advancing and also strikes make huge swoosh when they get high into the sky. When the fight starts you won’t be able to think about anything else, as you’ll be busy with stopping the enemy and blowing them into pieces. As said it is very realistic game with all the weapons in a hand to be used, uniforms of both sides, environment just like in Vietnam War movies, and enemy behavior also from the movies. All of those make you feel like you’re in Vietnam War and all of it is real and you’re there to fight and defend and all this makes it real with the bullets flying from all the possible places, people/enemy yelling and sometimes you can see them but sometimes can’t. With all that you’re more thrilled and intense with weapons discharges and napalm drops. Graphics: This is like you’re really in the real war and you can’t get back until you’re finished. As said developers tried for this game to look just like the real war which happened in Vietnam. They took real life weapons and units from Vietnam War for the player and enemy troops and all that was combined like real effects, intense napalm bombs, explosions, bullets with different levels and difficulty objectives for them.

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Size 160

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