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Quinn's mom is in town to help plan her daughter's wedding to Joe, unaware that it's been called off. Unfortunately for Quinn, she not only needs to explain her decision, but also keep her business running while dealing with her mother who shakes up everything from Quinn's home, to her business, and even her love life! Join Quinn in this hilarious new episode and get her out of this laughable predicament. Host 10 deluxe weddings in 5 trendy venues including a Vineyard and a Lover's Promenade, handling a surge of wedding responsibilities. Seat guests, serve them, and deal with possible wedding disasters such as Bridezilla and Groom Kong. There are also fun new mini-games to play like running a conga line and hunting for hidden objects.

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    Weddings are the far worst and best thing in lives of two people. When a couple is in love and the date of their marriage is drawing near, they feel a bit jumpy, but the fact that their love will be unified forever, means everything to them. But there is also one thing that can’t be forgotten when it comes to weddings! Almost every girl dreams about her wedding since she can think of and everything must be perfect. But when that day comes getting all the pieces together is practically impossible, and when everything is falling apart there is only one thing left to do, CALL A WEDDING PLANER! That’s where you come in. This is the fourth installment of the Wedding Dash series, and this time-management game has it all to have a great gameplay. The games star player and the theme of our interest is a girl named Quinn, and she will be accompanied through the whole game by her friend Flo, star character from the Diner Dash series. The jobs of the two girls sound pretty simple: Quinn, who runs everything, is the wedding planner, and she takes care of everything that concerns the wedding, while Flo concern is only to serve the food. The story picks up where the third game finished, with Quinn having just called off her wedding to Joe, the photographer. Because of the enormous work she has in front of herself, she decided not to tell her mother about canceling her marriage. When out of nowhere her mother shows up, to help her plan her own wedding and to relieve her of the business to be able to concentrate on her own more. Quinn decides not to tell her still about her own wedding, but decides to go forward with the pretending and continues working with the other weddings. The game’s story is something nice, but not in much of relevance for the game, but for the story tellers there is something to tell about. As for the gameplay, there are a couple of changes that have been made that is a couple of details are different from past releases. In the previous releases you would have control with a lot of details that concern the wedding accoutrements, but know that’s all changed. What remained the same is you have to take of the bride and the groom, then the guests, as where they will be sitting, if they have any special desires to sit with someone of their own choosing, collecting their gifts, serving them their three-course dinner, and responding to other requests, such as drinks, pictures, and dancing. There will be a lot of guest that will behave unfitting for a wedding and there for will have a bad effect on the bride and groom the most. If too much things is left unintended then the bride and the groom will go mad and trash the wedding like two ravaging beasts, literally. You have a small amount of time to calm them down, or the wedding is of. The new levels involved, in the kind of a think strategy are: The first sort of levels is sitting down the guest in a special order that they want to, with determining what they want reading the balloon above their heads. It is easy to match the first ones to their spots, but you may run out of rights spots if you don’t thing strategically. The second sort of level is similar, as you do the Conga dance and collect as many guests from the reception as you can. As I said these are think strategy levels as there is no time limit to finish your goal. There is also the additional hidden object part where the bride and the groom have lost some items and it is up to you to search for them in every level, one per level. This unlocks additional game mode when the main mode is finished. The bride and the groom are involved much more in this release then in the previous ones, as they must be treated like every other guest, with food and drinks, but also when one of the guest have a special request for them that only they can comply. So what do we have here? We got a game, based on its predecessors, with lots of their gameplay used in this release, but also with lots of additional elements of newness, making it a very powerful and exciting combination to play. The games graphics and sound aren’t something special at all, but the game itself, the core structure, it will satisfy you in many ways that only top games can. If you looking for a game with an abnormally involved story, terrific graphics and sound, this game isn’t for you, but if you want to play a game the way it should be played, and enjoy it for real, then you are in luck!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 34

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