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Two young spoiled heirs to the throne are banished from the comforts of their royal realm by the King. To demonstrate to their father that they are the rightful heirs, they are tasked with traveling to three neighboring kingdoms and restoring their greatness. Overconfident and perhaps even arrogant, their trials and tribulations soon teach them a thing or two of what it truly means to be great. Help Prince Fenwick and Princess Catherine realize their potential in this wonderful real-time adventure. Roam the medieval countryside as they seek the guidance of friendly Kings, Countesses, Dukes, and loyal subjects. Recruit villagers, knights and other townspeople to construct buildings, harvest crops, mill gold and more. Rescue damsels, fight barbarians, and vanquish ogres as your unlock secret items and characters hidden throughout Kingdoms.

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    Castles, dungeons, dragons, wars and many tasks that you need to accomplish in this game are just part of a great package that you have in front of you to deal with and a story to gets this all going. The game is about two young inheritors to the throne that are lying comfortably in their beds in all the luxury that a kingdom has to offer. The king tolerated the actions of his two decedents for some time now, but as they have been growing up and reached a point in their life where they must take over their responsibilities of becoming a future king and managing the whole kingdom this simply couldn’t be tolerated any more. Realizing that this is out of their league and the only thing they think about is how to enjoy even more and to entertain themselves, the king decides to send them on a journey they will never forget. That is where the game starts with their lying around and the king orders to exile them from the kingdom and all the luxury until they earn it back by doing something great enough. Prince Fenwick and Princess Catherine need to prove their worth by helping the neighboring kingdoms fend off evil monsters and build up prosperous towns and forts. So you travel to different towns to help them solve different problems they have. At the beginning of the game you will decide which character you want to control, the prince or the princess. The game is set in the time management genre, so you will be doing a lot of things here but it is not a classic time management game, as the developers added some factors of an adventure game providing it with some great actions to be done. Unlike many of the players will presume the game is not about being the strongest and the best one with the greatest army and so forth…the point is that you expected to accept any challenge that you come across and handle it in the shortest term possible. You will be roaming the medieval countryside as you seek the guidance of friendly Kings, Countesses, Dukes, and loyal subjects. Throughout the game, you’ll recruit villagers, knights and other townspeople and every single one of them, naturally, has a specific role that needs to be carried away but also specific demands that you as their royalty need to fulfill to keep them pleased and working for you. One of the conditions is a place to live. The two most used categories you will work with are the peasants and the soldiers. The peasants need homes to be able to work, so if you don’t have enough homes for them you will see them just standing around doing nothing. The soldiers act similar as if you don’t have enough barracks for them then you won’t receive any new soldiers and the ones that are already there won’t be able to fight at their full strength. But this is only the beginning, as nobody can continue working or fighting for you unless you feed them. However if you start concerning about will you make it all in time, the game has offered such a tempo of the game that everybody adapts to it very fast, especially with the tutorial at hand who works you through every part of the game you need to know before meeting with it. The villagers have the simple task of collecting the necessary resources you need for different things like building buildings, fences etc... and of course the food. The soldiers are there to protect everybody from anything from which you and the rest need protecting. On the beginning it will be just a couple of barbarians that need to be dealt with, however as the game evolves stronger opponents appear including dragons and other mythical beasts and monsters. The soldiers won’t be able to defeat them just like that, as they need to gain experience and of course a couple of knights should do the tricks to ensure your victory. There are plenty of other buildings - such as the blacksmith, library and goldmine - to turn your kingdom into a military and economic powerhouse. The navigation through the game has been done in a very simple way. You use the mini-map to gain faster access to the places you want to go, simple by clicking on your character and dragging him/her to the place you want them to go. The graphics of the game is balanced well with the medieval fantasy theme and the result was a very fabulous product with some very nice details. Most of the parts are not that impressive however there are some that show great effort put into it. The sound of the game won’t satisfy most of the players as it isn’t on the level of the game graphics. All in all a game that needs to be tested at least as I have seen a lot of games and to be truthful better than this, but this one showed enough potential to be very close to the best ones especially with the gameplay.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 73

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