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So, Xbox One is already in the market (Old News) and the competitor PS 4 is also there (Another Old News). The new thing to know is, which one you should prefer and why you should prefer that. Being straight forward, you should prefer Xbox One over PS 4 or any other device. Why? Let me explain each and every points. 

The first point is Game range. Xbox One offers a huge variety of games which PS doesn't. Yes, it is obvious that both of this party offers famous games such as Fifa 15 or COD but if you are someone who likes to get more then you should always go for Xbox One. They offer a huge range as Xbox games are publishing in almost every day. 

The second reason is Xbox Live feature. Xbox live is a great option to go online. You will never experience the same quality with the PSN of PlayStation. Xbox brings quality to online gaming and socializing which is not possible with a PlayStation. Xbox live will never give you trouble but PSN will. 

Xbox has special EA access which PS doesn't have. If you are an EA sports lover (Fifa or any other sports games especially) then there is no way that you can ignore Xbox one. 

Xbox offers lots of apps which will make your TV experience better. The sky box and the other options will make things a lot easier which PS can't. 

Xbox one with two games priced at three hundred and nineteen euro guys where PlayStation costs around three hundred and twenty nine. Xbox one is cheaper than PlayStation. And obviously, PlayStation doesn't come with free games. You will get a game less PS at that price. 

The next reason is the power cost. You obviously have to think about this part too because otherwise you will end up paying a huge amount of money for consuming more power than normal. Xbox consumes less power with the same graphic and speed and it will surely be a wise decision to go for a Xbox one. 

If you consider all these things then it can obviously be said that Xbox one will be a better choice for you. Check this video for more information: 


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