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Born in the depths of a mysterious Eldan laboratory, the Strain is a virulent biological anomaly that has begun to spread across planet Nexus. With the power to change lifeforms into terrifying, mutated abominations, the Strain is an unimaginably dangerous threat.

All efforts to fight this nightmarish plague have met with failure. It is only a matter of time before it destroys all life on Nexus and beyond.

Who created the Strain, and for what purpose? Does it have anything to do with what happened to the Eldan? And can the universe be saved, or is already too late?

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Publisher NCSOFT
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    WHO’S YOUR DADDY?:WAR-BUCKS! Your fortress and its upgrades don't come for free. To improve and repair your Warplot, you're gonna need War Coins, preferably a whole Warchest full of 'em. You score War-Coinage by destroying installations and winning Warplot battles, all of which makes it the most elegant economy in modern history.


    WHY WE FIGHT: BAGS WITH STUFF IN 'EM! While killing losers is obviously its own reward, it's important never to lose sight of the bag situation. Namely, the bags and bags of goodies, armor upgrades, items, and crafting supplies that you and your team are rewarded for kicking so much ass. Because blood money’s not just twice as good as regular money, it’s stickier!

    ALMOST AS PRESTIGIOUS AS MONEY! You may not be able to put a price on glory but Prestige is a whole ‘nother six-pack. That's why in addition to all your other material gains, your Warplot skills give you Prestige Points, usable to buy epic PVP armor sets. As any veteran worth their salt will tell you, the more you 'Plot, the bigger your 'Stige!

    GEMS FOR PLAYERS OVER 50! Unlike real ones, Elder Gems endure forever and can be used to improve your character's ability tiers, enhance his AMPs, or spruce up your digs with unique housing items and timeless testimonials to your martial supremacy. Because the shiniest jewel of all? Your legend.

    BLOODBATH AND BEYOND! Talk’s cheap, Professor Toughguy. You’ve built your structures, assigned your troops, and alphabetized your strategies, now it’s time to put ‘em all to good use. Smells like someone ordered a large crater with extra mushroom cloud? OH YEAH!

    DESTRUCTION NANO-CURRENCY SIMPLIFIED. What's Nano-Pak? Only the greatest nanotechnology resource since sliced atoms! Nano-Pak is the stuff that your team uses to initiate all plug abilities, from firing superweapons to calling in reinforcements. It’s like money, but odorless unless inhaled. Outside of enemy skulls and beer, it’s probably the most important resource you’ll ever amass.

    VICTORY CONDITION #2: OLD SCHOOL EXTERMINATION! The Most Exciting Word in Warfare: Attrition! If your foes are being mama's boys and girls about their power grids, or you just want to drag things out for your sadistic amusement, then it's time to get old-school and just take 'em down one (or more) at a time. You can also deplete their overall energy supply by whittling away at their upgrades, and better yet, kill them!VICTORY CONDITION #2: OLD SCHOOL EXTERMINATION! The Most Exciting Word in Warfare: Attrition! If your foes are being mama's boys and girls about their power grids, or you just want to drag things out for your sadistic amusement, then it's time to get old-school and just take 'em down one (or more) at a time. You can also deplete their overall energy supply by whittling away at their upgrades, and better yet, kill them!

    BATTLEFIELD IMPROVEMENTS MADE EASY… TO KILL WITH! What's great about deployables is that you can drop 'em practically anywhere. Bear traps, bug bombs, web cannons, land mines -- there are so many ways to hurt would-be trespassers, you'll never need a garden gnome again!

    DEATH BY ARCHITECTURE ENHANCED! Installations are the upgrades to your base. They keep enemies from getting in and eviscerate those who do. From Chompacabra Pens to Murderbot Factories, everything you install into your fortress says something about you to your foes… and that something is: Ha ha, you're dead!

    ENSLAVING THE MONSTROUS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW! What's your definition of the World's Best Boss? How about one that defends your fortress and kills your enemies? With Boss Tokens, you'll be able to summon gargantuan freaks to do just that and a whole lot more. Because the next best thing to being your own boss is owning one!

    THE MOST VITAL COG OF EVERY FINELY TUNED DEATH-MACHINE! Recruits are the backbone of every Warparty, there to cover entrances, take points, rush enemies, and rack up kills. Good recruits aren’t just necessary, they’re MANDATORY! Because a leader without an army is just an army of none. Which historically tend to lose.

    FIGHT FOR FUN, KILL FOR PROFIT! Killing’s what you’re best at, but you don’t do it just for pleasure. When you’re a Merc, it’s all about the dough. You’re here to make money in exchange for your services Demolition & Conquest!™ After all if violence isn’t lucrative… you’re doing it wrong!

    LIKE SHOT-CALLIN' EVEN MORE THAN SHOT-FIRIN'? TAKE COMMAND! The key to good Warparty Leadership is knowing how to give and take. As in give orders and take charge. But being a bigshot ain't just sitting on your hams and drinking beer. It's about telling people what to do at the same time. Because as an ancient war manual probably says: 'Those who work together die less.'

    WHERE HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND BATTLEFIELD TACTICS COLLIDE Warplots are massive 40v40 battle royales, accessible to all players once they hit level 50. Each team starts with a fortress that they can upgrade and customize with a vast assortment of modifications using special currency called War Coins. Victory is achieved by either destroying the enemies’ generators or through killing players and disabling structures. At the end, both teams are rewarded with Loot Bags, Prestige and Elder Gems. Warplots are a seamless blend of life’s two greatest pleasures: Property ownership and loser ownership.

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  • Got a Love for the Loot? Then WildStar Boom-Boxes Are for You!

    Boom-Boxes are still available in the WildStar Open Beta! For each day you log into the game, you will receive 3 Boom-Boxes. Each one unlocks unique and random items, starting at launch!

    Want to know more? This video has the details!




    Welcome to Nexus, where nothing is what it seems. With WildStar launched, you can buy your Digital Deluxe or Standard edition here and explore this mysterious planet.

    Our launch trailer is now live, starring many familiar faces from our Flicks. Malvolio, Sarge, and Kit are just a few of the returning characters you'll see!


    Alright Cupcake, you’ve been questin’, blastin’ and murderin’ you’re way across Nexus and you’re having a great time, right?

    Well, you know what makes all that epic loot and bad-guy guttin’ even better? Doing it with some friends of course!

    That’s why we’re offering up three, yep THREE, Guest Passes for you to hand out to your closest companions and let them check out Nexus with their own eyeballs for seven days of unadulterated skull-bustin’! Just make sure to warn em’ that there are plenty of sweet features that might result in peeper poppin’!

    So, you may be wondering how these Guest Passes work? Well we’ve already got a fully loaded Knowledge Base page about it, but here’s a quick overview;

    Everybody who purchased themselves a copy of WildStar will get three codes to give out to friends. These codes can only be activated once, and only one guest pass can be applied per account.

    Guest Passes have certain restrictions on them; they include but are not limited to:

    • Maximum of 3 characters per Realm.
    • Guest accounts are capped to level 20, Path level 10 and Apprentice Tier crafting.
    • Guest accounts can’t have more than 50 gold or 5,000 Renown.
    • Guest accounts can’t create or join a Guild. They can join Circles but not create them.
    • Guest accounts can’t trade with other players, send or receive mail, can’t become Neighbors or Roommates, or use the Commodity Exchange.

    Oh and Guest accounts can only use Say, Yell and Party chat. Of course, the easiest way to bust your way out of these restrictions is to purchase a full version of the game and upgrade yourself into a levelling, trading, talking machine of ultimate awesomeness!

    Just remember that these passes are intended for you to share with friends, any misbehaving on a guest account may have repercussions for the associated account as well!


    C.R.E.D.D.: You’ve heard about it for months, but you may still be unsure what it means. This in-game account item can either be purchased with in-game gold through the game's C.R.E.D.D. Exchange or on the WildStar website for real-life currency. So whether you’re an in-game economist or real-life financial mogul, you can maximize your playtime with C.R.E.D.D.

    Say you’re short on cash but still want to play. You’ll be able to purchase C.R.E.D.D. for gold and never miss a sweet moment of gameplay. Or, if you’re the next Phineas T. Rotostar, you can make piles of gold buying C.R.E.D.D. on the WildStar website and selling it on the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange!

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    Time to put that big brain of yours to work! Whether it's a bug-eyed monster or the enemy's databanks, it's up to you to scan it.


    That town ain't going to improve itself. So step up, strap on a toolbelt, and get to work building things that make everyone's life a little easier.


    Ever dreamed of being a hit man? Channel your inner assassin as you track down targets, put them in your sights, and rack up the body counts!


    Making maps has never been more fun... or more dangerous! Travel into the untamed wilds of Nexus and chart territory for your faction.

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