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Use the energy of your brain to power everything from a small home to a massive metropolis in Word Power - The Green Revolution. Looking to start your own clean energy business, you've volunteered to help Dr. Albert at the Green Energy Institute. His research is on creating Brain Electricity as a sustainable energy source and he will handsomely reward you with funding and cutting edge technology by helping him out. Take the doctor's offer and use your brainpower for research and profits. Use your word and world knowledge to unscramble words while forming sentences. The better you do, the more energy you'll generate, and the greater your rewards to help your business. Provide green power to a variety of cities across 16 locations, meet over a dozen unique characters and become a successful green energy tycoon. Play Word Power - The Green Revolution free with the demo version, or download the full version today!

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    Word Power – The Green Revolution is a game with a great story and intention for education, but unfortunately with not so great realization. The story starts with Dr. Albert a scientist from the Green Energy Institute, as he was looking for a way to supply cities around the world with green, pure energy. But he needed somebody to help him in his research and that is where you jump in. The Doctor has already researched far into this technology and he has all founds that he needs to implement his plans, but he still needs the brainpower to unite all that elements into useful energy. It is up to you to use your brain through different word puzzles and turn those puzzles into energy with their solving. The main part of the game revolves around unscrambling words in order to complete a sentence. You are given a sentence which you must rearrange into a word, for which you get money, which you then use to find a way to supply a city with energy. If you arrange a word with those letters, but the word isn’t the one that the game was looking for, you will get points for that word, but the level ends when you spell the word the game is looking for. After that you move on to the next level. Every now and then you are given really big words by answering a trivia question. These questions are usually finishing famous quotes, or choosing synonyms for words. The main goal of the game is to fill the energy meter of a city with green energy. You do that by constructing that is paying for different energy facilities like solar energy plants which will accumulate energy from different solar panels that you must set around the city on the best possible locations. There is also the option of constructing wind turbines that also produce green energy for the city. After the aimed level of green energy is accomplished you are done with that city and will be moving on to the next one, which will require more energy to be produced. In some cases you won’t have to play the word puzzles as you will probably have enough funds to buy the necessary energy sources right away, but that can happened only it the first half of the game. The word puzzles that are being used in the game are mostly tied with the ‘green’ theme, as sometimes you won’t have to even look for a sentence if you have been memorizing the sentences you finished earlier. In some cases it’s just a word about green energy, but there will be phrases about energy commonly known in the world. One of the better things about the game is its effort of increasing the level of people’s conscience in sparing the energy we normally use and to try to start using the green energy as much as possible. And every now and then, there is general knowledge questions that appear which also provide insightful information about everything from the story of Helen Keller to questions about how the brain works. Because of its lack in some serious challenge many players that are more adult will find this game a bit of a tedious, and won’t spend so much time playing it, as it takes much more than a small game to change an adults opinion about world’s current condition. That’s why this game can be used for children who already know English language on a higher level, and awaken their sense for green and what it means to watch when they consume energy. If the game developers have only invested more of their in time in this great theme for a game especially in our conditions in which we live on our planet they could have a great game that even adults would accept without hesitation. Sadly this version only fits the younger ones, and we can only hope that the future similar release will learn from its errors and create a game of real fun for all but also very educational and informative about using the green energy.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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